#​210 — July 23, 2021

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AWS SAM Pipelines: Automatically Generate Deployment Pipelines for Serverless Apps — AWS has unveiled the public preview of AWS SAM Pipelines, an extension to their Serverless Application Model (SAM) CLI for creating CI/CD pipelines for serverless apps. Not to be confused with AWS Proton (or maybe it is..)

Benjamin Smith (AWS)

Fastly's Compute@Edge Platform Goes Generally Available — Given that Compute@Edge, Fastly’s edge-located JavaScript-oriented serverless platform, went into beta almost two years ago, I’d have expected a nice blog post, but we get a press release instead. Nonetheless, it’s always nice to see progress – you may recall we recently linked to a fun piece about running DOOM on it.


Scale MySQL Globally in Minutes Without Code — PolyScale intelligently distributes and caches MySQL data to the edge. Implement in minutes without writing code or deploying servers.

Polyscale sponsor

Cloudflare Introduces Usage Notifications for Workers — While you’ve always been able to log into Cloudflare Workers’ control panel to see your usage, you can now get notifications proactively sent to you, both in the form of on-demand usage alerts and weekly summaries.

Aly Cabral

Migrating from Lambda@Edge to CloudFront Functions — You may find this interesting if you’re still figuring out the nuances between the two edge serverless approaches offered by AWS now.

Jimmy Dahlqvist

How to Deploy a Java Microservices App to IBM Cloud Code Engine — Serverless isn’t all about JavaScript or AWS Lambda - enterprises have plenty of options too, and it doesn’t get much more enterprise than both Java and IBM, and IBM has a workshop for you.

Thomas Südbröcker

Deploying a gRPC and gRPC Web API on Google Cloud Run — Leans on Cloud Run’s experimental HTTP/2 support and implements the backend in Go.

GenDocu gRPC Blog

Build Your Own Shop with the Shopify Storefront API, and Serverless Functions with Eleventy — The first in a series of posts exploring using the Shopify API to build a Jamstack ecommerce site. Phil uses Eleventy, but Ekene Eze shows how to use Gridsome.

Phil Hawksworth