#​214 — August 27, 2021

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Peter Cooper, editor

Serverless Status
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AWS Lambda Adds Support for Python 3.9 — Fantastic news for Pythonistas! AWS Lambda now supports Python 3.9 as both a managed runtime and a container base image. This opens up a lot of new Python functionality as well as TLS 1.3 support.

James Beswick (AWS)

▶  Discussing Using Google Cloud Run with Steren Giannini — Cloud Run is Google’s managed compute platform for running containers in a serverless fashion (a larger abstraction that merely running functions, say). Steren Giannini, a PM at Google, went on the always interesting SED podcast to talk about it.

Software Engineering Daily podcast

Serverless GraphQL Backend with Instant Realtime GraphQL APIs on Your Data — Point Hasura to your database(s) to get instant realtime GraphQL APIs without the need to build & operate a GraphQL Server. Hasura GraphQL Engine is loved by developers and has been downloaded over 300M times making it the fastest growing open source GraphQL service. Try for free.

Hasura sponsor

AWS Introduces Amazon MemoryDB for Redis — While Redis began life mostly as a simple cache meets data structure server, it has increasingly been used as a primary data store for certain applications. Reflecting this, AWS is now offering a ‘Redis-compatible service’ promising durability. It’s not cheap though.

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

New Features to Secure Google App Engine Apps — You would be forgiven for thinking Google had gone quiet on App Engine (a bit of a pioneer service in the serverless space), so it’s neat to see a couple of extra features including egress controls for serverless VPC access and user-managed service accounts.

Larkin and Chun (Google Cloud)

An Introduction to IBM Code Engine and IBM Cloudant — A walkthrough of building a serverless polling app on top of two IBM services: Cloud Engine, its managed serverless platform, and Cloudant, a managed distributed database. With generous free tiers, maybe this is an opportunity to dip a toe into IBM’s big blue waters.

Mermelstein and Bird (IBM Cloud)

▶  How to Build a Serverless Subscription Site with Stripe — A tight introduction to what’s involved in building a serverless (thanks to AWS Amplify) Node and React powered app to take payments via Stripe.

Ali Spittel

How to Run Massively Multiplayer Games with EC2 Spot using Aurora Serverless — A look at a basic approach to using EC2 spot instances and Aurora Serverless (AWS’s pay as you go database system) as the basis for scaling a multiplayer game.

Biran and Pal (AWS)

Building the Cloudflare Summer Challenge Application — Cloudflare has recently launched their Cloudflare Developer Summer Challenge, but more interesting than that is how they set up the site for the challenge using Workers Site and Workers KV.

Luke Edwards (Cloudflare)

Near Zero Downtime Migration from MySQL to DynamoDB — There are a few approaches on offer here, with one involving joining together Kinesis, Lambda, and Amazon EMR.

YongSeong Lee (AWS)

Cloudflare Pages Introduces Deploy Hooks — Cloudflare Pages has always supported deployments made via git push but now they’ve added more generic deploy hooks to trigger deploys from other processes.

Shah and Sparks (Cloudflare)

Sending Mobile Push Notifications and Managing Device Tokens with Serverless Apps — One for Amazon SNS users.

Rafa Xu and Joely Huang

Implementing a Single GraphQL Across Multiple Data Sources with Fauna
Shadid Haque