#​206 — June 25, 2021

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Prototyping at Speed with AWS Step Functions New Workflow Studio — Last week we featured the introduction of a visual development environment for Step Functions called Workflow Studio. Now we get a practical example of how it can be used.

Benjamin Smith (AWS)

The Fault in Our Stars (or Wildcards) — One neat use of AWS Lambda is in providing authorization functions for API Gateway, but the authors argue that AWS’s own documentation may be leading developers to use it insecurely. IAM is everyone’s favorite part of AWS (right?)

Alexandre Sieira and Leonardo Viveiros

Build Your Dream App w/ a Free, Serverless SQL Database — CockroachCloud is the database developers love for a lot of reasons: Forever-free plan. No credit card, no commitment. No manual work. Simple to connect to the database and start building.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

▶  Building Apps on the Decentralized Web with Nader Dabit — Jeremy Daly chats with Nader Dabit, a well known developer in the AWS and JavaScript worlds, about decentralized protocols, the ‘Web3’ movement, and what sorts of applications they enable. This is an area that continues to mystify me, so was a well timed episode :-)

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

▶  How to Create Custom Handlers for Azure Functions — Custom handlers are lightweight web servers that receive events from the Azure Functions host, meaning they can be implemented in (almost) any language (such as Go, in this case).

Microsoft Azure

Performing OCR with AWS Lambda and Tesseract — OCR/text recognition always feels like a natural fit for serverless functions to me.

Sanjay Dandekar

Streaming Amazon DynamoDB Data into a Centralized Data Lake — The DynamoDB document database works great for serverless apps but what about when business teams want to plug in their BI tools and do analysis? You can use Kinesis Data Streams and Kinesis Data Firehose to pipe the data to S3 for use elsewhere.

Ravikumar, Gupta, Sridharan (AWS)

Deploying Machine Learning Models with Serverless Templates — How to use AWS SAM templates to deploy a Scikit-Learn based machine learning model for classifying images of handwritten digits to AWS Lambda.

Sean Wilkinson and Newton Jain (AWS)

▶  How Serverless Functions and Jamstack Can Power Up React Apps — A 40-minute practical screencast-meets-talk where Jason Lengstorf codes a React app and a custom serverless API from scratch including deploying to production on Netlify.

React All-Day

AWS Lambda Power Tuning — A tool powered by AWS Step Functions to help you tune your Lambda functions’ memory configuration. Provide it with a function and it’ll run it under various configs because it’s not as straightforward as giving a function as little memory as it requires. This podcast from 2020 also provided some more depth to this topic.

Alex Casalboni

Google Chrome for AWS Lambda as a Layer — Brotli compression is used to compact Chrome down to 45 MB to fit inside an AWS Lambda Layer. The current version is based on Chromium 91.


How to Migrate DynamoDB Tables from One AWS Account to Another with AWS Data Pipeline
Sodabathina and Gong (AWS)