#​205 — June 18, 2021

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Introducing AWS Step Functions Workflow Studio — AWS Step Functions has been around for years and is a serverless orchestrator that lets you build scalable apps using state machines. Workflow Studio takes things to another level providing a low-code visual way to bring things together. Perfect for anyone new to, or otherwise intimidated by, the usual process.

Marcia Villalba (AWS)

Application Monitoring Built for Serverless + Containers — Epsagon gives engineering teams visual intuition to develop, troubleshoot, and monitor microservices. It’s a Microservices Observability SaaS that provides investigative tools to ‘drill-down’ through and explore container and serverless applications.

Epsagon sponsor

▶  Building a Serverless Banking Platform with Patrick Strzelec — A chat with a technical lead at NorthOne, a small business bank. It’s always interesting to see how serverless technologies are being used in other industries.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Why You May Not Want To Use AWS Amplify for Your Next Serverless Project — A developer shares some lessons learnt by his team during a six month run with the AWS Amplify framework.

Peter Sereda

The AWS Serverless Patterns Collection — We linked to this community-driven (though maintained by AWS) collection of SAM templates a few months ago, but new ones keep getting added so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Serverless Land

Exploring Serverless Patterns for Amazon DynamoDB — Learn about some different DynamoDB patterns used in serverless applications and how to lean on the Serverless Patterns Collection to configure DynamoDB as an event source for Lambda functions.

Talia Nassi (AWS)

A Beginner's Guide to Running Rust on AWS Lambda — And using CDK to manage the process.

Nicholas Omer Chiasson

Generating PDFs with Serverless, AWS Lambda and Puppeteer
Shubham Pandey

Six Serverless Frameworks to Watch in 2021
Hardik Shah