#​196 — April 16, 2021

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Well it's always a nice change of scenery when we get to focus on something in the serverless space that isn't AWS.. and Cloudflare is certainly upping the game here :-)
Peter Cooper, your editor

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Cloudflare Workers Introduces WebSockets Support — It’s a big week for Cloudflare, so let’s start with them adding WebSockets to Workers which opens up some interesting real-time use cases there. It’s arguably lower level than AWS’s API Gateway based approach and you have to set up your own WS connection. But how does this get billed? Doesn’t Workers only give you milliseconds of execution time? That brings us to our next item…

Kristian Freeman (Cloudflare)

Announcing Cloudflare Workers Unbound for General Availability — Workers Unbound is Workers but for apps that need long execution times (like you’ll need to use the WebSockets stuff featured above). You pay per request and by the GB/sec and get 400,000 GB/sec for free. A nice bonus is they’ve halved egress data costs too.

Nancy Gao (Cloudflare)

[Guide] The Truth About Developer Productivity Metrics — Can developer productivity be measured with metrics? Yes, but there is such a thing as good and bad metrics. Here's what you need to know to avoid weaponizing metrics for performance reviews, and use them to improve software delivery process instead.

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📅  AWS Putting on Virtual 'Serverless Live' Event on May 19 — It doesn’t cost anything, which is always nice, and it’s taking place on Twitch.

Amazon Web Services

Location-Based Personalization at the Edge with Cloudflare Workers — The last bit of Cloudflare this week - I promise! They're now offering geolocation data for free to all Workers users, even those using it for free. This makes Workers an interesting way to provide personalized experiences based on client location.

David Song (Cloudflare)

Getting Started with Serverless for Developers: Part 1 — AWS heads back to basics here by making the pitch for serverless to developers who aren’t yet fully convinced. I’m often asked “why should we bother looking into serverless?” and articles like this tend to help as support.

Benjamin Smith (AWS)

'Why I Wouldn’t Choose S3 Bucket Notifications Again' — A common way of automatically processing files uploaded to S3 is by using S3’s notifications as a way to trigger things like Lambda functions, but Christian is using them with EventBridge in future, and here’s why.

Christian Bandowski

▶  Serverless and Machine Learning with Alexandra Abbas — A conversation with a machine learning engineer at Wise who builds machine learning pipelines on Tensorflow. They cover what MLOps is (DevOps for ML!) and why serverless isn’t necessarily a good fit for ML work.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

End-to-End Serverless ETL Orchestration with AWS — Building your first end to end data orchestration and data pipeline could be overwhelming. Here’s one potential approach.

Rittika Jindal