# 195 — April 9, 2021

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▶  How Does Lambda Work? A Look at the Magic Behind the Scenes — An interview with Marc Brooker, one of the top engineers behind the ‘magic’ that forms the AWS Lambda we know and love. He not only covers the early days of Lambda but how Firecracker and ‘micro-virtualization’ work, as well as how container support was added. There’s so much to learn from this one!

FooBar Serverless

The AWS Serverless Patterns Collection — A community-driven (though maintained by AWS) collection of SAM templates to check out when building serverless apps on AWS. I’m always having to look up SAM stuff so this should be useful!

Serverless Land

Epsagon; Built for Modern Microservices Architectures — Discover how Epsagon provides serverless observability by allowing backend developers to drill down from architecture to individual requests to see the behaviour of functions and understand their application in depth.

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AWS Lambda@Edge Changes Duration Billing Granularity From 50ms Down to 1ms — This pricing change, which will have a big impact for heavy Lambda@Edge users, took place on April 1 but was no April Fool joke. It follows in Lambda’s footsteps which similarly reduced the granularity in December 2020.

Amazon Web Services

▶  Discussing Going Serverless with IBM Cloud Code Engine — The string of great serverless podcasts continues with Jeremy Daly who’s chatting to IBM’s Jason McGee about IBM’s approach to serverless by way of IBM Cloud Code Engine.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

How to Password Protect a Site with Cloudflare Workers — A demonstration of using Cloudflare Workers to add Basic HTTP authentication to sites even if they are hosted on a service like Vercel or Netlify.

Florian Kapfenberger

Building a Serverless YouTube MP3 Downloaderyoutube-dl is a handy tool for download YouTube videos (or audio from such) but you can, of course, deploy it serverlessly too – repo here.

Ram Gopal Srikar Katakam

How to Anonymize Your Data with Amazon S3 Object Lambda — We recently announced the release of S3 Object Lambda, a way to place serverless Lambda functions in the way of S3 object retrievals, and one use case is to anonymize (or at least pseudonymize) data on the fly.

Jérôme Van Der Linden

Building Real-Time Serverless Data Pipelines for Market Data — This is Google Cloud oriented so technologies on display include Pub/Sub, BigQuery, and Dataflow.

Rachel Levy & Bhupinder Sindhwani (Google Cloud Blog)

28 Serverless Experts You Could Follow in 2021 — These sorts of lists are never perfect, but this is a pretty good roundup of some big names in the serverless world if you’re keen to increase your Twitter following count.


Google Database Migration Service Now GA — Google Cloud’s Database Migration Service (DMS) is a service for supporting MySQL and Postgres migrations from on-prem to, unsurprisingly, Google’s Cloud SQL service.

Shachar Guz (Google Cloud Blog)