#194 — April 2, 2021

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Going Headless: Use Cases And What It’s Good For — Headless content management systems are a key piece of the modern Jamstack architecture. This post introduces the concept but then looks at a use case at the State of California for running their covid19.ca.gov site and how a serverless function plays a big part.

Aaron Hans

▶  Using Serverless for Scientific Research with Dr. Denis Bauer — I love hearing about how serverless is being adopted in totally different spaces to which I’m used to and here we see how a doctor at an Australian research agency puts serverless systems to use to get an edge on doing genome research at scale.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

All-In-One Security Coverage from Commit to Cloud — By leveraging automation and delivering security-as-code, Bridgecrew empowers teams to find, fix, and prevent misconfigurations at scale in deployed cloud resources and infrastructure as code. Try for free.

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Middy 2.0: Node Middleware Engine for AWS Lambda — A popular way to simplify your code when building Node-powered serverless functions on AWS Lambda (think something like Express, but for this use case). The 2.0.0 release introduces some breaking changes (no more Node 10.x support), deprecates or refactors certain middleware, and adds new middleware for working with CloudWatch and S3 object responses.

Luciano Mammino

'Serverless is Ready, Developers Are Not' — You’re reading a serverless newsletter so you’re at least sympathetic to the serverless approach, but every day I encounter developers who dismiss it out of hand or can’t rationalize the idea of all the moving parts involved. This opinion piece ponders the perceived ‘cognitive overload’ of the serverless ecosystem and how there’s still a knowledge gap to bridge.

Ibrahim Cesar

How to Use AWS Lambda Functions with Amazon Neptune — Amazon Neptune is AWS’s graph database service and use cases as diverse as knowledge graphs, identity graphs, and fraud graphs can benefit from using AWS Lambda functions to query Neptune graphs.

Ian Robinson (AWS)

Handling Binary Data using Amazon API Gateway HTTP APIs — Amazon API Gateway REST APIs have supported binary data since 2016, but the newer, simpler HTTP APIs do too. Here’s how to use it.

Rudolf Potucek (AWS)

How an Agency Approached Choosing a New Serverless Database Technology — It’s not often you get an extensive writeup of how technologies are chosen. I think this piece focuses too heavily on the eventual choice than the options available, but it’s still nice to see the thought process.

Michael Rispoli

Comparing Two Serverless Databases: AWS Aurora Serverless v2 and Fauna — The second version of AWS Aurora’s auto-scaling, on-demand ‘serverless’ variant is in preview. Fauna, on the other hand, is a cloud data API and store that’s also often called a ‘serverless’ database. Yet, they’re very different. This piece, by the CTO of Fauna, compares the two approaches in some depth.

Evan Weaver (Fauna)

Running a Kubernetes Job in Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate Using AWS Step Functions

Ramani and Balaraman (AWS)

▶  Google Cloud's Serverless Options for Go Developers — Comparing App Engine, Functions, and Cloud Run.

Valentin Deleplace (Google)

Serverless Offline: Local Emulation of AWS Lambda and API Gateway — An interesting alternative to AWS SAM Local that supports Node, Python, and Ruby runtimes. This week’s release adds, most notably, Node 14 and Docker Lambda support.

David Hérault