#​197 — April 23, 2021

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Why Serverless Will Enable the Edge Computing Revolution — Ben, who we interviewed a year ago, is perhaps best known for his work with Theodo and on the sls-dev-tools. Here he argues how serverless will be ‘the enabler for Edge’.. although I think maybe it’s already happened.

Ben Ellerby

5 AWS Lambda Lessons Learned After 2 Billion Function Executions — An Australian fintech company has 250 Lambda functions with around 2 billion executions in total – not a huge deployment, but plenty big enough to have picked up a lesson or two.

Juan Jolainez

Epsagon; Built for Modern Microservices Architectures — Epsagon eliminates the need to manually dig through logs to find root cause, the hours spent setting up and maintaining open source monitoring tools, and the significant expense and gaps in visibility caused by legacy APM vendors. Try free today.

Epsagon sponsor

Porting DOOM to Fastly's Serverless Edge Platform — What better way to show off your edge computing platform than porting a 28 year old game to it? :-) I’m not convinced of the “why” here but the “how” tickles a curious itch.

Justin Liew (Fastly)

Why AWS Lambda Pricing Has to Change for the Enterprise — A comparison of the pricing models behind AWS Lambda, Fargate, and EC2, leading to a conclusion that Lambda’s pricing model needs to change if it’s to be considered a ‘no-brainer for enterprises.’

Eoin Shanaghy

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Integrates with AWS Lambda — I still need to fully get my head around this one, but being able to invoke serverless Lambda functions from within Postgres stored procedures or user-defined functions seems like it has some huge potential.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Node.js Support in Cloudflare Workers — Cloudflare Workers is a edge-based serverless platform and while it’s based on top of V8, it’s not Node per se. However, it now supports any Node package that ‘uses webpack or another polyfill bundler.’

The Cloudflare Blog

▶  How Serverless Fits in to the Cyclical Nature of the Industry — Gojko Adzic, an independent consultant and AWS Serverless Hero, talks to Jeremy Daly about how serverless compares to timesharing mainframes, the PC revolution, and all the way through the cloud and where we’re headed next.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

How to Test Your EventBridge Integrations — A guide to deciding what and how to test your AWS serverless application’s integrations with EventBridge.

Paul Swail

A Thorough Guide to CORS on API Gateway — Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is an HTTP-header based security mechanism for specifying origins that are allowed to load resources from servers.

Matt Morgan

Modelling AWS Step Functions Workflow Input and Output Path Processing with Data Flow Simulator — AWS Step Functions recently introduced a new data flow simulator to model input and output path processing.

Benjamin Smith

▶  Going Serverless: A Case Study — A high-level, 20-minute presentation.

Bobby Pantall (CC Pace)

Latency Comparison Among Serverless Databases: DynamoDB vs FaunaDB vs Upstash — It feels like Upstash, a serverless Redis service, is trying to place themselves into a conversation here and they certainly win their benchmark, but the discussions (especially around network latency issues) and eventual rebuttals that come from such things are always interesting.

Noah Fischer