#191 — March 12, 2021

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An Approach to Building a High-Scale Chat Server on Google Cloud Run — This isn’t necessarily the right tool for the job (it's incredibly expensive, as the article points out) but it’s interesting to think about what GCP’s serverless container compute service can handle (up to 250,000 concurrent clients in this case).

Ahmet Alp Balkan

Webiny v5 Released — Webiny is an open-source framework (with a business backed, paid support model) for building serverless apps with a drop-in CMS. v5 adds DynamoDB and Elasticsearch support, ‘drastic’ perf improvements, and if you’re unsure why Webiny might be for you, there’s now a seven-minute video tour.

Sven Al Hamad

The Fastest Way to Build Internal Tools — Connect to anything with an API. Design your app with 50+ drag-and-drop React components. Write JavaScript anywhere.

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▶  Building a Fast Serverless API on AWS with Fastify and AWS Amplify — AWS Amplify is a framework of tools and clients that bring together other AWS services in an easier way and you can use it to create a Node-powered serverless API pretty quickly, as shown here. This is tight (ten minutes!) and well recorded.

Nader Dabit

You Can Now Run Node.js 14 on Azure Functions — The Node.js 14 runtime for Azure Functions (Azure’s serverless platform) is now generally available. And if you’re more of a .NET on Azure Functions user, you might find their new .NET on Azure Functions roadmap of use too.

Anthony Chu (Microsoft)

How a Confusing UX Cost a Company $7K in Extra S3 Charges — One person’s sour experience with a confusingly explained feature around editing the storage class of files in S3. (And yet another reminder to set up billing alerts on your AWS account to catch such things quickly.)

Michael Morgenstern

Building Single Binary File Extensions for AWS Lambda with .NET — How to create, build, and package a C# Lambda extension as a single, tidy binary file.

Santiago Cardenas and Dmitry Gulin

Safely Reduce The Cost of Your Unused DynamoDB Tables with On-Demand Mode — An introduction to reducing DynamoDB I/O costs by applying on-demand mode to unused tables (as opposed to just deleting them).

Lee and Rahaman Sayem

Building a Inventory Management System with Google BigQuery and Cloud Run

Aja Hammerly (Google Cloud)

Verifying Shopify Webhooks from Vercel-Hosted Serverless Functions

John Schmidt

Modeling a GraphQL API For Your Blog with Webiny Serverless CMS — If Webiny (featured above) caught your eye and you fancy a walkthrough tutorial..

Nwani Victory (Smashing Magazine)