#190 — March 5, 2021

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Netflix Explains Its Cosmos Platform — A substantial writeup from Netflix on Cosmos, a platform that combines ideas from microservices, asynchronous workflows and serverless functions. It’s interesting to see their approach and the thought put into it here.

Frank San Miguel (Netflix Engineering)

Serverless Stack (SST): Live Dev Environment for AWS Lambda — This is very clever and if you’re a heavy AWS Lambda user you’ll want to check it out or at least watch the example 30-second video. In essence, SST provides an environment where you can make changes to code live and stream real Lambda function invocations to this local code over WebSockets. This Hacker News thread provides more details from the creators.

Anomaly Innovations

Bitmovin Live - Scaling Through Innovation Edition — Gain key insights from a curated group of customers and partners and engage with them as they examine how the video technology industry is scaling through innovative solutions to deliver seamless high-quality content to their consumers and partners.

Bitmovin Inc. sponsor

Google Cloud Introduces GKE AutopilotAutopilot is a new feature for Google’s managed Kubernetes service that aims to provide automated management of infrastructure or ‘true hands-free operations’ as they put it. While there are parallels with serverless ideas, I don’t really consider it such, but they do by quoting a customer who says “GKE Autopilot is the real serverless K8s platform that we’ve been waiting for.” So there you go.

Google Cloud Blog

Caching Data and Configuration Settings with AWS Lambda Extensions — How to build a flexible in-memory AWS Lambda caching layer using Lambda extensions which could help reduce latency when relying upon further APIs within an execution.

Rajagopal and Ankam (AWS)

▶  How to Create Your First Netlify Serverless Function — Netlify is an increasingly popular deployment and hosting platform and they let you deploy serverless functions (powered by AWS Lambda under the hood) in a particularly easy way, as demonstrated here.

Ania Kubów

Serving Dynamic Meta Tags to Bots and Crawlers using Firebase and Cloudflare Workers — With it being so suited to low latency, on the fly processing of live HTTP requests, Cloudflare Workers lets you do rather different things to most other serverless platforms. This isn’t the most efficient example but is a neat idea nonetheless.

Richard Cooke

Unzip Large Files in AWS S3 using Lambda and Node.jsUnzipper is a helpful package here as its streaming approach promises a low memory footprint even when decompressing large files.

Nery Chucuy

Serverless Micro Django: Django-Flavored Python Lambda Functions“So I was thinking that what if we could use Django ORM in Python based lambda functions without using the whole of Django?” This, apparently.

Mohammad Moallemi

Creating a Web API with Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB MongoDB API and C#
Will Velida