#189 — February 26, 2021

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Building a Serverless Multi-Player Game That ScalesSimple Trivia Service is not AWS’s newest service, but a game built using a serverless-first architecture on AWS to show off how you might bring together similar services for your own use cases. While there is code available, this is more about the architectural approach.

Tim Bruce (AWS)

Serverless UI: A Command-Line Tool for Deploying Serverless Apps to AWS — If you’d like to deploy functions in a simple, Netlify-style fashion with the Lambda and API Gateway setup handled for you, check this out. It uses AWS CDK under the hood but aims to be a bit more ‘zero-config’ than something like Serverless Framework, say.

Jake Partusch

Faster CI/CD for All Your Software Projects Using Buildkite — Learn how Shopify kept build times under 5 minutes while they scaled from 300 to 1800 engineers.

Buildkite sponsor

Scaling up a Serverless Web Crawler with Step Functions — Creating your own custom search engine can be both fun and useful (we have our own which helps us produce these newsletters!) but how could you approach crawling and indexing Web content in a serverless way? Here’s the basics of breaking down the main crawling process and how AWS Step Functions can orchestrate things. (Amazon Kendra is also recommended if you have very deep pockets.)

Jack Stevenson

▶  Serverless in a DevOps World with Sarjeel Yusuf — Sarjeel Yusuf is a project manager at Atlassian and spoke to Jeremy Daly about the value of devops in modern development teams and how serverless makes app deployment and general devops automation better and faster.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

How to Publish an Angular, React, Svelte, or Vue JavaScript app with Azure Static Web Apps — A multi-step tutorial on deploying a modern JavaScript app to Azure Static Web Apps, Azure’s platform for building and deploying static apps from a GitHub repository.

John Papa (Microsoft)

▶  Building Your First AWS Lambda Function in VS Code — A tight tutorial screencast that clocks in at under 10 minutes.

Dylan Albertazzi

29 Bite-Sized DynamoDB Best Practices — Bite-sized best practices for DynamoDB modeling, security, performance and design. Almost a checklist, if you will.

Rafal Wilinski

Choosing Between Netlify, Vercel and Digital Ocean — I know it may be surprising, but not all developers pick serverless first and work from there 😁 .. instead, they compare a wide array of solutions, and that’s what the author does here in comparing two platforms with serverless potential versus a ‘traditional’ VPS. Ultimately, a VPS was more suitable for him.

Zell Liew

Building a Roadmap Voting App with Serverless Redis and Next.js

Noah Fischer