#188 — February 19, 2021

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Serverless TypeScript: A Complete Setup for AWS SAM Lambdas — A workflow for creating TypeScript-based AWS Lambda functions with AWS SAM that support testing, debugging, etc, and using shared layers to package dependencies.

Andrey Novikov and Sergey Alexandrovich

Serverless Legacy Modernization with AWS Lambda and Cobol — A repo containing a GitHub workflow for deploying an AWS Lambda function written in Cobol (yes, the legacy language first created in 1959!)

Didier Durand

The Cost of Errors Whitepaper — This whitepaper addresses the types of errors that every streaming organization can encounter, how to calculate their cost to a bottom line, and the methods available to resolve and prevent technical errors.

Bitmovin Inc. sponsor

▶  Discussing Azure Functions with Jeff Hollan — Jeremy Daly talks with Microsoft’s Jeff Hollan about all things Azure Functions related and other Azure ecosystem services that run alongside it like Logic Apps.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Jeremy Daly Takes GM Role at Serverless, Inc. — Talking of Jeremy Daly, known well for his Serverless Chats podcast and Off By None newsletter, he’s taking on a leading position in a new cloud service from Serverless, Inc. and tells the story here.

Jeremy Daly

Orchestrating the Pic-a-Daily Serverless App with WorkflowsPic-a-daily is an open source serverless picture sharing app designed to showcase (and teach about) Google Cloud’s various serverless services. This post looks at how they brought the new Workflows service into play to orchestrate the services the app uses.

Google Cloud Blog

How to Host a Serverless Static Website on AWS with API Gateway — Using API Gateway to serve a static website from S3 can be useful when you have special requirements that Cloudfront cannot fulfil alone. Be warned, this could get pricey at scale.

Aco Mitevski

The 20 Most-Visited Amazon DynamoDB Documentation Pages — It’s interesting to see AWS reveal information like this. Popular topics include how to work with DynamoDB Local, using global secondary indexes, and working with expressions.

Craig Liebendorfer

Manipulating Inbound and Outbound Emails using AWS Lambda in Amazon WorkMailWorkMail is an AWS-based managed business email service and you can use Lambda functions to manipulate emails both going into and out of the system. Not a tutorial but more a ‘you can do this!’

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Why I Fell in Love with Cloudflare Workers

Tobias Schneider