#187 — February 12, 2021

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Three Ways of 'Recycling' Third-Party Code for AWS Lambda — You’ve got AWS Lambda Layers, Lambda Extensions, and the ability to use container images with Lambda. But when and why should you use each?

Kay Plößer

▶  A Deep Dive Into AWS Lambda Security and Function Isolation — A look at what happens behind the scenes at AWS to ensure that your Lambda functions are secure and that all of the millions of functions they run aren’t tripping over each other. If you prefer, Marc has done a Twitter thread explaining the talk too.

Marc Brooker

Unparalleled Build Flexibility with Buildkite — Build any app for any platform with Buildkite. From bare metal to virtual to container to serverless, our lightweight agent makes CI a breeze in any environment.

Buildkite sponsor

How to Trigger Cloud Run Actions on BigQuery Events — Using serverless functions for HTTP services is great, but some of the most interesting and seamless use cases come when functions are run automatically in reaction to other events. Here, we see how you can create an elaborate sort of database trigger in BigQuery using event triggers and a containerized Cloud Run function.

Lak Lakshmanan

How to Generate Thumbnails using AWS Lambda from Videos Uploaded to S3 — A perfect pairing of serverless and Node. This thorough walkthrough covers using Node to tie together processing new videos uploaded to an S3 bucket, running FFmpeg to generate thumbnails, and then upload those back to S3.


Alex Ellis' Experiences of Publishing 'Serverless For Everyone Else' — After four years of building the OpenFaaS project, Alex Ellis sat and wrote a book about it all. While the book is worth checking out, this post is more an interesting look at what publishing your own book is like and, notably, “in 14 days, I’ve received more money than OpenFaaS corporate users have paid into the project over 4 years.”

Alex Ellis

How to Test AWS Lambda Locally — One of those things that will seem appealing at first but which ultimately results in a different experience to real life.

Erik A. Ekberg

chrome-aws-lambda 7.0: A Chromium Binary for AWS Lambda — A project to make it easy to use a headless Chromium instance from your Node-powered AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions serverless functions. Sees frequent updates and this latest release is running Chromium 90 under the hood.

Alix Axel

Introducing Serverless Image Handler v5.2 — Using AWS and want to quickly roll out an image manipulation system? This solution uses Sharp, CloudFront, and S3 for the heavy lifting.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Configuring Private Integrations with Amazon API Gateway HTTP APIs

Michael Hume

An Introduction to Azure Static WebApps

John Kilmister