#186 — February 5, 2021

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The Missing Guide to AWS API Gateway Access Logs — It’s not a requirement to use AWS API Gateway when working with AWS Lambda but it’s a commonly used approach even if it has some quirks. This post goes really deep into logging API Gateway requests which can be invaluable if you have gnarly problems to diagnose.

Alex DeBrie

Node 14.x Runtime Now Available in AWS Lambda — The popular AWS Lambda serverless platform has supported Node since day one and now they’ve introduced Node 14 support which introduces all the delights of V8 8.0 and 8.1 plus diagnostic reporting, and improved streams APIs. If you're a Vercel user instead, they've just announced Node 14 support too.

Benjamin Smith (AWS)

Build Internal Tools (Remarkably Fast) — Connect to anything with an API. Design your app with 50+ drag-and-drop React components. Write JavaScript anywhere.

Retool sponsor

Using Serverless to Run Your Python Code on 1000 Cores by Changing Two Lines of Code — A rather IBM Cloud focused piece but covers the use of Lithops, a Python serverless computing framework, and how it can widely distribute processing.

Michael Behrendt and Gil Vernik (IBM)

Going Serverless with OpenFaaS and .NETOpenFaaS is a very flexible platform that supports numerous languages and environments, including .NET and C# as we see here (F# is also briefly demonstrated).

Goncalo Oliveira

Extend and Automate Self-Hosted 'Gitea' with FunctionsGitea is a Go-powered open source Git forge (think mini GitHub in a box). This post covers using OpenFaaS hosted serverless functions with it to create automations of the type you may be familiar with on GitHub.

Matti Ranta

▶  How GraphQL Can Replace REST in Serverless Projects — An hour long chat between Marcia Villalba and Yan Cui, complete with walking through code and demonstrations of using AppSync to bring GraphQL to serverless projects.

Marcia Villalba

▶  Building Serverless Apps with Cloudflare Workers' Cron Job Scheduler and Key Value Store — Cloudflare Workers’ new ‘cron triggers’ feature lets you run periodic jobs such as updating a dashboard or calling third party APIs.

Kristian Freeman (Cloudflare)

Going Serverless with Your Own URL Shortener Serverless Service — If bitly isn’t cutting it for you, serverless is a fantastic fit for building your own URL redirection service. This post covers some of the considerations behind going this route and how AWS Lambda and DynamoDB make it simple.

Mohamed Barakat

Bref 1.2: Serverless PHP Made Simple — A framework to write and deploy serverless PHP applications on AWS Lambda. v1.2.0 release notes.

Matthieu Napoli et al.

Fastly 2021 Predictions: Serverless at the Edge Will Gain Momentum in 2021
Tyler McMullen (Fastly)

How to Build a Real-Time Leaderboard with Aurora Serverless and ElastiCache
Anudeep Rallapalli