#185 — January 29, 2021

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Spoiled for Choice: Deploying to 3 (Google) Serverless Platforms — A Google engineer built a webapp and deployed it to App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run. What he learned in the process was how each requires a slightly different structure to your project and a different deployment approach with the pros and cons of each.

Valentin Deleplace (Google)

Delivering BBC Online using Serverless — One of the BBC’s engineers explores why Web Core, the BBC’s new web technology platform, is built atop serverless cloud functions. In "Optimising Serverless for BBC Online" he went a step further explaining how such functions have been optimised and integrated into their other systems.

Jonathan Ishmael

Faster CI/CD for All Your Software Projects Using Buildkite — See how Shopify kept build times under 5 minutes while they scaled from 300 to 1800 engineers.

Buildkite sponsor

A Look at AWS Lambda's New Security Overview Paper — AWS has released a Security Overview of AWS Lambda paper (PDF) and this article boils it down a bit, although the original is only 20 pages and high level enough to be readable by all.

Abhay Bhargav

The Lifecycle of a Container on Google Cloud RunCloud Run runs and autoscales container-based apps in a serverless kind of way. This article and accompanying illustrations demonstrate what happens behind the scenes.

Wietse Venema

The Challenges of Massively Parallel Serverless Computing in AWS — A look at the design and challenges of implementing a massively parallel scientific data processing system on AWS to compute hurricane wind footprints in Fortran! Truly a case of old and new, big and small coming together.

Yogesh Chinta

Building Server-Side Rendering for React Apps on AWS Lambda — A look at two ways you can implement and deploy a solution for server-side rendering in React applications by using Lambda or Lambda@Edge, along with using tools like AWS CDK to automate things.

Roman Boiko

How I Used Python To Analyze My Peloton Workout Stats With Real-Time Updates — Serverless makes it easy again and it’s interesting to see both Google Apps Script and Cloud Functions compared here.

Al Chen

Serverless Warmup Plugin: Keep Your Lambdas Warm During Winter — One for Serverless Framework users who don’t want to use provisioned concurrency to avoid cold starts!

Juanjo Diaz

Eventarc Brings Eventing to Cloud Run and Is Now GA — Eventarc lets you route events to Google Cloud Run, and is now generally available. (Think along the lines of Event Grid or Eventbridge but for GCP.)

Google Cloud Blog

▶  How IBM Cloud Works with Serverless — Jeremy Daly talks with Michael Behrendt from IBM Cloud about their involvement with serverless technologies such as with IBM Code Engine, their platform for abstracting away operational concerns around Kubernetes-based workloads.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

How to Keep Your CloudWatch Bill Under Control When Running AWS Lambda at Scale — If your Lambda functions are flooding CloudWatch with log messages, you’ll start to see the costs rack up. Here’s a practical look at a way to mitigate this.

Thomas Laue

Porting a Serverless Chatbot From Python to Rust — Notes on the experience of porting a small chatbot HTTP API from Python to Rust using the Rocket web framework.

David Mytton

▶  Five Serverless Talk Videos from 2020