#184 — January 22, 2021

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👋  With AWS's relative domination of the serverless landscape with AWS Lambda, it's quite easy to have issues packed with Lambda news and tutorials, so this week it's refreshing to see the spotlight on Google's various services including Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, and Firebase :-) Enjoy!
Peter Cooper, your editor

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Cloud Run Adds WebSockets, HTTP-2 and GRPC Bidirectional Streams — Cloud Run, Google’s managed ‘run containers serverlessly’ platform, has added end-to-end HTTP/2 connections, WebSockets support, and gRPC bidirectional streaming. These features are in ‘public preview’ for now.

Ahmet Alp Balkan (Google)

Designing a Ruby Serverless Runtime for Cloud Functions — A senior software engineer at Google digs into the design decisions and trade-offs involved in bringing Ruby support to Google Cloud Functions.

Daniel Azuma

The Cost of Errors Whitepaper — This whitepaper addresses the types of errors that every streaming organization can encounter, how to calculate their cost to a bottom line, and the methods available to resolve and prevent technical errors.

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▶  Discussing Serverless Compute at the Edge with Tyler McMullen — Tyler McMullen of Fastly talks about the future of compute at the edge and what it means for things like data replication, security, and observability.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Google Cloud Functions Adds Node.js 14 Support — It’s in ‘public preview’ for now and notably doesn’t support ES modules.

Google Cloud

The Pros and Cons of Firebase for Serverless Front-End Apps — Firebase is a Google-owned platform of managed services supporting differing forms of data storage, hosting, authentication, analytics, serverless functions (via Cloud Functions for Firebase), etc.

Amit Jambusaria

How to Debug Go-Powered AWS Lambda Functions with Gebug — Go is a fantastic language for serverless use cases but local debugging can be a pain point. Here are some pointers that involve Gebug, a tool for debugging Dockerized Go apps.

Moshe Beladev

How to Make GraphQL and DynamoDB Play Nicely Together — DynamoDB is super scalable and pretty easy to use (once you get over the data modeling approach) but it’s quite idiomatic. Here’s how to approach integrating it with GraphQL if you don’t want to lean on something like AWS AppSync or Amplify.

Ryan Bethel

How I Created a Simple Serverless Activity Logger — The motivation for this, however, was ‘to record nuisance activities of my neighbor’ including ‘footsteps’ and ‘punching the wall’ 😳 We wish Pubudu future neighborly bliss and maybe there are nicer things you would like to track in a similar way(!)

Pubudu Jayawardana

Creating a REST API for Amazon DocumentDB with Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda — If you’re more on the AWS side of things and using the MongoDB-compatible-ish DocumentDB, this may be of interest if you want to use it to build a serverless REST API.

Brian Hess (AWS)

Ingesting AWS Lambda Logs to New Relic Directly to Reduce Costs — One for New Relic users only, but sending Lambda function logs directly into New Relic One can reduce your CloudWatch costs.

Matt Whelan (New Relic)

How to Run Serverless PHP on Azure with Custom Handlers

Alvaro Videla

CloudEvents for Azure EventGrid via Azure Functions

Justin Yoo