#183 — January 15, 2021

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👋  Hi to the new subscribers who spotted me on the new Cloudflare Workers Discord server (see below!) — thanks for checking us out. If you're looking for something to listen to this weekend, check out Tyler McMullen's interview on Software Engineering Daily where the CTO of Fastly digs into how serverless is making modern edge computing tick.
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Google Cloud Functions Adds Ruby Support — Cloud Functions is Google’s function as a service (FaaS) platform and they’ve (eventually!) added first class support for Ruby (which is a far more efficient and useful language in the serverless context than you might think).

Daniel Azuma (Google Cloud)

Meet The Cloudflare Workers Team over Discord — Two neat stories here..
1) The Cloudflare Workers team now have their own Discord chat server if you want to chat with them or fellow users. I'm on there too!
2) “Workers are in the path of virtually all Discord requests..”” – Discord itself is a heavy user of Workers.


How Do Top Developers Deliver Video? — It's no longer complex technology such as live low latency, that keeps developers up at night. Reducing costs and time to market for services and assets are the top areas of focus to be competitive nowadays. Download our Video Developer Report.

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Introducing Message Archiving and Analytics for Amazon SNS — How enabling SNS delivery to Kinesis Data Firehose lets you add storage and analytics services into the mix with an example showing how to store SNS messages in S3 via Kinesis Data Firehose.

James Beswick (AWS)

Deploying AWS Step Functions using GitHub Actions — GitHub Actions is a powerful tool for automating CI/CD actions on GitHub’s platform and I’ve personally found it easy to work with AWS from it (such as for uploading artefacts to S3). Here’s how to do something truly meaty.. deploying Step Functions.

Chris Spitzenberger and Matt Noyce

A Custom Photo Sharing Website for Less Than a Cup of Coffee Per Month — How one photographer’s site works by tying together a variety of AWS services including Lambda, Rekognition (for label detection), Amplify, Cloudfront, and S3.

Corneliu Croitoru

Optimizing Lambda Functions Packaged as Container Images — It was only just over a month ago that Lambda gained container image deployment support. While you could deploy a 10GB image, say, you don’t really want to, and this post touches on how to reduce image size and what images are actually made up of anyway.

Rob Sutter

▶  Discussing Serverless, Deno and TypeScript with Brian Leroux — The popular Syntax.fm Web development podcast takes on Deno (essentially a TypeScript-based security-conscious alternative JavaScript runtime to Node) with Brian Leroux, co-creator of the Begin serverless deployment system.

Syntax Podcast podcast

AWS's Serverless Q4 2020 Roundup — Every three months, AWS rounds up the various announcements and updates made to their serverless leaning products and shares them in a single blog post like this. We’ve covered most of these things already, but it’s a handy reminder/roundup.

James Beswick (AWS)

Cross-Account Replication with Amazon DynamoDB — Demonstration of a cost-effective way to migrate and sync DynamoDB tables across AWS accounts while having no impact on the source table performance and availability.

Ahmed Saef Zamzam and Dragos Pisaro

Building a Serverless API with Deno and Begin — Deno is particularly well suited to serverless use cases, and while there are layers to use it directly on AWS Lambda, this post looks at Begin which provides powerful tooling and abstractions to make the process smoother.

Paul Chin Jr.

Parler’s New 'Serverless' Architecture — OK, losing access to your servers after getting kicked off of AWS is not exactly what we usually mean by serverless..

Corey Quinn

⚡️ On the Tools:

A quick blast of recent serverless tool releases:

  • Ruby on Jets 3.0 — A Ruby serverless framework.
  • Grafito — Serverless SQLite-based graph database in Arturo.
  • Serving 0.20.0 — Deploy apps and functions as serverless containers on Kubernetes.
  • Wrangler 1.13.0 — Cloudflare Workers CLI tool.