#182 — January 8, 2021

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👋  I'm back! Fingers crossed this is another strong year for serverless.. The New Stack certainly thinks so. As always, if you have anything for us to check out, hit reply and I'll take a look.
Peter Cooper, your editor

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▶  Working with WebSockets on AWS — A 30-minute screencast focusing on using API Gateway as a WebSocket endpoint to talk with a serverless Lambda function. This is an area I feel isn't talked about much, but there's so much potential.

Ryan H Lewis

Deploying a Serverless Jamstack Site with RedwoodJS, Fauna, and Vercel — A fantastic combination of ideas and technologies here. RedwoodJS is a ‘full stack Jamstack’ framework (created by one of the co-founders of GitHub), Vercel provides the deployment and hosting, and Fauna is a serverless database/data API. Also, we've a newsletter covering Jamstack if you tinker in that space.

Anthony Campolo

Building a Serverless Backend with CockroachDB & AWS Lambda — Check out this story about a digital education company that built serverless architecture using GraphQL, Lambda, CockroachDB & spot instances.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

Statistical Azure Functions with R and Plumber — Plumber is a package for creating Web services with R (a statistical computing environment).. combine this with Azure’s serverless platform (Azure Functions) and you can take R-powered statistical analysis serverless.

David Smith

Lambda Containers with Rails; A Perfect Match? — Ruby has long been a bit of an 'also ran' in the serverless space (it took years for Lambda to support it), yet with its focus on rapid, friendly development, it's a good fit. Ken Collins is perhaps the leader in moving entire Rails apps onto AWS Lambda (using Lamby) and he's spoken about his work in supporting container-based Rails apps on Lambda here. We also interviewed him about this in issue 532 of Ruby Weekly.

Ken Collins

Finding Winning Stocks with Serverless Web Scrapers — Before you copy Miguel, nothing is guaranteed 😁 I do love to see people using serverless technologies (Lambda and DynamoDB in this case) for such simple, scrappy ends. I’ve done some similar work in monitoring Web pages for changes, as well.

Miguel A. Calles

Optimizing Batch Processing with Custom Checkpoints in AWS Lambda — With the new custom checkpoint feature, there’s greater control over how you choose to process batches containing failed messages.

James Beswick (AWS)

Ingesting MongoDB Atlas Data using Amazon EventBridge — EventBridge is an AWS service that provides an event bus for tying together various SaaS apps and other AWS services.

James Beswick (AWS)

Serverless Nest.js Micro-Services and Integrations without HTTP — You’ve got a Node app, you want to take it serverless.. you use API Gateway and have your Node app spin up an HTTP server and work through that, right? Nope, there’s a more direct way to do it.

Sebastian Schlecht

A Dive Into Processing Millions in Donations in 2 Hours with Cloudflare Workers — A look at the serverless architecture behind the Late Late Toy Show donation platform.

Peter Vanhee

AWS Lambda and DynamoDB Tips Learnt in 2020 — A bundle of various things the author has picked up including thoughts on using Lambda synchronously vs asynchronously, how to structure apps, triggers, cold starts, and the limitations of DynamoDB.

Miron Machnicki

Google Cloud Serverless 2020 Review — ..or “How Serverless Solutions Helped Customers Thrive in Uncertainty”

Aparna Sinha (Google Cloud)

Thoughts After (Almost) Two Years of Using Google Cloud Run

Pablo Rodriguez V.