#192 — March 19, 2021

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Introducing Amazon S3 Object Lambda: Process Data During Retrieval — For S3’s 15th birthday (see below) it’s got a new feature! S3 Object Lambda seamlessly places Lambda functions in between S3 objects and whatever is requesting those objects so you can do processing and transformations on the fly. (This is basically an alternative approach to just using Lambda and working with S3 that way round.)

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

Amazon S3 Celebrates Its 15th Birthday — With 100 trillion objects (yes!) under its belt, Amazon’s popular cloud storage service celebrates its 15th birthday. The term ‘serverless’ wasn’t around then but it ultimately set a lot of ground for ‘set and forget’ developer cloud services at AWS and continues to form a fundamental part of the AWS serverless experience today.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

How to Monitor GraphQL Apps with Apollo Server Plugin — Apollo Server’s a solid choice for connecting a GraphQL scheme to an HTTP server, but it’s single endpoint approach can make it hard to monitor. Check out how our Apollo Server plugin gives you visibility into your GraphQL payloads.

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Worktop: A 'Next Generation' Web Framework for Cloudflare Workers — Imagine something like Express or Fastify but which naturally fits in with Cloudflare Workers (the serverless platform). The example in the README shows it off quite well.

Luke Edwards

Serverless Full-Text Search with AWS Lambda and EFS — I’m not really impressed with the full text search story on AWS (I tend to use RDS Postgres and Postgres’s built-in FTS features) but this is a fun experiment in using Elastic File System (EFS) with AWS Lambda to use Lucene serverlessly on GraalVM for quicker starts.

Arseny Yankovski

Building an Image Searching Solution with the AWS CDK — How to put together a fully serverless architecture for searching images based on their contents. Lots of bits and pieces brought together here.

Mohsen Damshenas

▶  How to Build a Serverless API with Cloudflare Workers — Cloudflare Workers let you write JavaScript-based service workers that run directly in Cloudflare’s 200+ edge locations. This is a short video based course from Kristian Freeman and you don’t even have to sign up to watch.


How to Enable/Disable a Lambda Trigger on a Schedule — One solution using Lambda and another using a API Gateway. But first, let’s discuss why you want to do this and what you could do instead.

Zac Charles

Awesome AWS Chalice: A Curated Collection of Chalice ResourcesChalice is an AWS-built framework for building serverless apps in Python.