#177 — November 20, 2020

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Moving My Serverless Project to Ruby on Rails — I know we're all about serverless approaches here, but managing a lot of moving parts in the shape of serverless functions doesn't suit every project or every developer, and a move to a more monolithic, traditional app structure can seem appealing, as demonstrated here.

Alex Kotliarskyi

Importing 100M+ Records into DynamoDB in Under 30 Minutes — Last week we mentioned that DynamoDB now has an ‘export to S3’ feature, but what about loading data into DynamoDB at scale? Enter a batch of simultaneously running AWS Lambda functions!

Paul Singman

Achieving Observability with AWS Lambda Extensions — Amazon Web Services recently announced AWS Lambda Extensions, a new way to run code in parallel without being bound by the Lambda lifecycle. Learn how New Relic integrates with the Extensions API to make monitoring your AWS functions even easier.

New Relic sponsor

Cloudflare Unveils Free Tier of Its Workers KV StoreWorkers KV is Cloudflare’s key value store for its serverless edge platform and it now gains a free tier (1GB total storage, 100k reads, 1k write/list/delete ops per day) opening up to everyone using Workers. The max value size also goes from 10MB to 25MB.

Greg McKeon

Three quick Azure updates:

From Prototype to Production in One Weekend with Serverless — This sort of article is preaching to the choir in this newsletter, but we do love a story of how serverless enables rapid development when it’s necessary.

Thomas Schoffelen

AWS Step Functions Now Supports Amazon API Gateway Service IntegrationStep Functions lets you build workflows. API Gateway offers up HTTP APIs. You can now more closely integrate the two and call API Gateway from Step Functions.

Amazon Web Services

A Super Simple Start to Firebase Functions — I find Google’s cloud services hard to navigate at the best of times so this sort of introduction is always much welcomed.

Kent C Dodds

Building a Terminal Chat App with Serverless Redis — This is a bit of fun, but the sort of fun I like when it involves Redis, serverless, and Node. Blessed handles the terminal UI, and Lambda Store the serverless Redis.

Rafael Nunes

Build a Flask Microservice with OpenFaaS — Which is better Flask or serverless-style Python functions? Or.. you could just have both ;-)

Alex Ellis

Video for Serverless: Build Video in Just Two API Calls — Integrating seamlessly into your product's UI, Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy to build beautiful video that streams everywhere.

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How to Build Your Own Serverless Subscriber List with Go and AWS — How to build an email subscription sign up flow (complete with double opt in) using Lambda and DynamoDB. Can’t be bothered? Simple Subscribe is Victoria’s project with it all done for you ;-)

Victoria Drake

Email Yourself Daily Alexa Skill Metrics Updates using Lambda, SMAPI, and SES — Got Alexa skills deployed? Get your latest skill metrics delivered to you each day courtesy of the Alexa Skill Management API (SMAPI) and a Lambda function.

Michael Kiley

Lambda Extensions Are Changing What It Means to Be Serverless“Serverless in 2021 will look nothing like serverless in 2020.”

Nočnica Fee

▶  Achieving Operational Excellence with Taavi Rehemagi — Dashbird’s CEO talks to Jeremy Daly about what’s still missing with serverless observability, what modern monitoring and ops strategies look like, and how to implement best practices to ensure well-architected applications.

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