#178 — November 27, 2020

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Bref 1.0: Serverless PHP on AWS Lambda — When we first mentioned Bref a few years ago, the idea was that Bref would make it as easy to use PHP for serverless functions as it was for JavaScript at the time. They now consider this a fait accompli with the all important 1.0 milestone. Laravel Vapor is another approach if you’re in the PHP space.

Matthieu Napoli

⚙️ Amazon API Gateway Adds AWS Step Functions Service Integration — Step Functions now integrates with Amazon API Gateway to enable backend orchestration with minimal code and built-in error handling.

Benjamin Smith (AWS)

Join the Google Open Source Live presents KubernetesⓇ — Google experts will share updates on Kubernetes API Requests, Admission Webhooks, Server Side Apply and etcd. You can ask questions via the Live Q&A Forum and After Party on Google Meet. Date & Time: Dec 3 (Thu) 9 am - 11 am PT.

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AWS Lambda Code Signing: For Trust and Integrity Control — The goal is for administrators to ensure that only signed code packages from trusted publishers run in their Lambda functions and that the code has not been altered since signing.

Channy Yun (AWS)

API Gateway + DynamoDB == No Lambdas Needed?

Building a Simple Atomic Counter with DynamoDB and API Gateway — A way to set up a centralized counter for a system without getting AWS Lambda involved as it’s possible to have API Gateway talk directly to DynamoDB and issue an update along the way.

Vikas Solegaonkar

Skip Lambda and Save Data to DynamoDB Directly — We’ve just covered this topic in the item above but this digs more into the technicalities and potential of working with DynamoDB directly from API Gateway. Not only serverless, it’s Lambda-less, too!

Chris Bailey

AWS Step Functions Use Cases — You probably know that Step Functions is AWS’s serverless workflow service, but just what could you use it for? Here are some ideas if you need some inspiration.

Mariliis Retter (Dashbird)

Batch Processing using AWS Lambda — Rather than running a scheduling engine of your own on, say, EC2, you can bring together a CloudWatch powered cron trigger, a serverless function to kick start jobs, and you’re off to the races.

Sanjay Dandekar

How I Built and Deployed a Fun Serverless Machine Learning App — A thorough examination, including code examples, of how a developer built a complete and fun image filter app with React, JavaScript, and got it running on Netlify and S3.

Ahmed Besbes

What’s the Best Way to Protect Your Content from Piracy? Learn Here — Definitions, technologies, & processes that you need to know when considering your content protection options.

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▶  Building Well-Architected Serverless using CDK Patterns — Guest Matt Coulter built CDKPatterns.com, a site that lets you browse through lots of different patterns and how they’d be defined using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (an imperative and perhaps more developer friendly alternative to CloudFormation, if you will).

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Building Black Friday E-Commerce Experiences with JAMstack and Cloudflare Workers — Well, I guess it is the day for it 😁 This is a quick example of how Cloudflare Workers and a JAMstack approach can be used in the e-commerce space.

Kristian Freeman (Cloudflare)

Serverless-Postgres: Manage Postgres Connections at Serverless Scale in Node.jsRDS Proxy is one way to handle lots of simultaneous database connections but.. costs money. This doesn’t, and if you’re using a library built on top of node-pg, you might find it useful.

Matteo Gioioso

Using Azure Functions with a Static Outbound IP Address