#176 — November 13, 2020

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'Even Simple Serverless Apps Have Complex Architecture Diagrams' – So What? — Yan strikes back against the complaint that serverless applications often look like they’re made out of lots of moving parts and implies it’s a more honest representation than monolithic apps that can seem like black boxes.

Yan Cui

Announcing the Koyeb Serverless Engine — It’s always good to see new options in the serverless space. Koyeb offers event-driven processing, native autoscaling, a secret management engine, and native support for Docker containers out of the box in addition to Python and Node.js runtimes.

Yann Léger

Complete Serverless Observability & Debugging with One Click — Using automatic distributed tracing, Lumigo gives you an end-to-end view of your AWS serverless transactions and identifies exceptions, timeouts and cold starts. Get alerts before things go wrong and easily drill down to the root cause.

Lumigo sponsor

Azure Cosmos DB Serverless Now in Preview — It’s in preview but Azure Cosmos DB now has a consumption-based serverless offering. Microsoft are being quite guarded and recommending it only for development, testing, proof of concept, and non-critical apps.

Microsoft Azure

You Can Now Export DynamoDB Table Data Directly to S3 — Rigging up a system based on Data Pipeline, EMR, or Glue and DynamoDB Streams to shuttle DynamoDB data to S3 has long been a common task, but now you can export DynamoDB table data straight to S3 in JSON or Ion format (and then query it with Athena using standard SQL).

Alex Casalboni (AWS)

AWS Unveils CloudWatch Lambda Insights — A new monitoring and troubleshooting solution for serverless apps running on AWS Lambda aggregating and summarizing metrics including CPU time, memory, disk, and network use.

Amit Kalawat (AWS)

Building Serverless Front-End Applications Using Google Cloud Platform — An entry level introduction to serverless from the Google Cloud perspective covering Google Cloud Functions, Cloud Scheduler, and more.

Nwani Victory

Now You Can Archive and Replay Events Through Amazon EventBridge — If you’re using the EventBridge serverless event bus you may occasionally have a need to reprocess past events and now it’s possible to archive events for future ‘replay’.

Daniel Poccia (AWS)

How Do Top Developers Deliver Video? - Download the 2020 Video Report — A handy lens into the minds of video developers as it reveals the market’s biggest challenges and the future of video.

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Firesearch: Serverless Full-Text Search for Google Cloud — It’s still in the “drop us an email” stage, but some of what’s on show here may interest you. We’ll cover this more as things progress.

Pace Software Ltd.

Capturing User Emails in Google Sheets — The team behind a political prediction visualization needed to stay in touch with its supporters. Their approach? Spin up a Node-powered function on AWS Lambda and push email addresses onto a Google Sheet.

Christopher Lanoue

▶  Using Firebase Functions with Node — A practical introduction to Cloud Functions for Firebase, a serverless framework tied to Firebase.

Program With Erik

A Quick Review of the New Azure Functions "Retry Policy" — We mentioned Azure Functions’ retry policies last week, but here’s one user’s actual experience of them.

Tatsuro Shibamura

Using a Twitter DM-Based Database for Twitterbots on AWS Lambda — Naughty? Genius? A bit of both? This approach made me smile at least. Are you going to use this for anything serious? Probably not.

Armin Samii

  • Hashicorp Vault 1.6 – a popular secret storage system – has added AWS Lambda extensions to enable Lambda functions to be able to securely retrieve credentials from Vault clusters.

DynamoDB Design Patterns for Single Table Design — I hope you’ve got a lot of time because this goes into serious depth.

Serverless Life

Building an AWS Lambda Extension with Rust

Duarte Nunes