#175 — November 6, 2020

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3x Smaller Lambda Artifacts by Removing Junk From node_modules — The node_modules folder in JavaScript projects is notorious for growing to mind boggling sizes (resulting in tools like NPKILL) and reducing artifact size proportionally correlates with cold start latency, says Vlad.

Vlad Holubiev

Using Amazon MQ as an Event Source for AWS Lambda — You can now use Amazon MQ (a managed message broker service for ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ) as an event source for Lambda functions. It works in a somewhat similar to way to using SQS or Kinesis as a source.

James Beswick

Achieving Observability with AWS Lambda Extensions — Amazon Web Services recently announced AWS Lambda Extensions, a new way to run code in parallel without being bound by the Lambda lifecycle. Learn how New Relic integrates with the Extensions API to make monitoring your AWS functions even easier.

New Relic sponsor

Web Scraping That 'Just Works' with OpenFaaS with Puppeteer — Puppeteer provides an easy way to remote control a headless Chrome browser from JavaScript code, including serverless functions built on OpenFaaS, an open serverless platform built on Kubernetes.

OpenFaaS Ltd

Simplifying Serverless Best Practices with AWS Lambda Powertools Java — Lambda Powertools for Java is now ‘Generally Available’. What do you get? A variety of utilities to improve your Java powered Lambda functions covering areas like tracing, logging, and metrics. And if you’re a Pythonista, don’t forget Powertools Python exists too.

Pankaj Agrawal

▶  Optimizing for Maintainability with Joe Emison — Joe is the CTO of Branch, an insurance company, and this episode of Serverless Chats digs more into organizational issues around maintainability, stakeholder trust, and how Branch builds its software. Oh, and they’re fully serverless too.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

You Can Now Define Custom Retry Policies for Triggers on Azure Functions — A retry policy will re-execute a function until either successful execution or until a maximum number of retries occur.

Azure Functions

Video for Serverless — Beautiful video experiences for your serverless app. Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy for any dev team to build video.

Mux sponsor

Going from 0 to 11 with REST APIs on Azure Functions“Why developing APIs with Azure Functions is a good great the best thing”

Skyler Hartle

Why I Wrote A Serverless Security Book
Miguel A. Calles

Deploying Azure Functions via GitHub Actions without Publish Profile
Justin Yoo

Writing Unit Tests for Orchestration Functions in Azure Durable Functions
Laurentiu's Corner