#169 — September 25, 2020

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7+1 Serverless Trends to Know About in 2020 — A couple of months ago we were encouraging you to take a serverless survey being run by Coding Sans – thanks if you did! The results are now here. And while the sample size is reasonably small, the trends match up with other surveys we’ve seen with Lambda, Node, and Python leading the way and debugging proving the trickiest serverless development task.

Coding Sans

Instantly Monitor Serverless Applications with AWS Resource Groups — A post that brings together a variety of AWS services to show you how to provision serverless application resources using CloudFormation, organize them with ‘Resource Groups’, and then use these with CloudWatch to get dashboards.

Florian Katenbrink

Case Study: Learn How Intercom Reduced Test Times by 85% 🚀 — Self-hosted agents work with all source code tools, languages and platforms, reliably speeding up tests at any scale.

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Microservices Guru Says Think Serverless, Not Kubernetes — Sam Newman, a consultant and author specialising in microservices, told a virtual crowd at dev conference GOTOpia Europe that serverless, not Kubernetes, is the best abstraction for deploying software.

Tim Anderson

▶  LAMBDA - A Serverless Musical — Purely entertainment only in this Hamilton “My Shot” parody about how serverless can ‘reduce your ops’ 😂 There’s more background to this production here.

Jeremy Daly

Azure Static Web Apps with .NET and Blazor — Azure Static Web Apps is a service that automatically builds and deploys full stack web apps from a GitHub repository which includes Azure Functions on the (serverless) backend. Now it has first-class preview support for both Blazor WebAssembly and .NET Functions.


Monitoring Java Virtual Machine Garbage Collection on AWS Lambda — Even at their best, JVM-based apps could rarely be called lightweight so monitoring how much memory they’re using and how they’re running is essential especially in the serverless context. Here’s a look at how to get JVM-based Lambda apps to emit relevant data that you can collect and analyze.

Steffen Grunwald

Security Scanning and Remediations for Serverless Configuration — Find, fix, and prevent misconfigs in Serverless files with ease. Enforce policies straight from your CI/CD pipeline.

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Self-Hosted Lambda Monitoring and Alerting with Slack — Chris wanted a way to monitor his serverless functions for failures himself without the data going outside of his AWS account and came up with this homebrew solution.

Chris Plankey

Get TLS for OpenFaaS The Easy Way with arkade — Arkade is a tool that can automate repetitive tasks on Kubernetes clusters and you can use it to hook up Let’s Encrypt with OpenFaaS. Just updated for September 2020.

Alex Ellis

My Favorite Serverless Project — The tale of how a developer took the strain out of creating an email newsletter by putting together his first serverless app to do all the most boring tasks for him.

Swizec Teller

▶  Processing 55TB of Data Per Day with AWS Lambda — A case study video from AWS focusing on a customer doing data processing at scale on their AWS Lambda serverless platform. Sure, it’s a case study, but AWS always does a great job of putting them together with useful technical info.

Amazon Web Services