#170 — October 2, 2020

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How Apache OpenWhisk is a 'Truly Portable' Serverless Platform — And to prove it, an advocate for OpenWhisk shows off a chess engine running on Adobe I/O Runtime, IBM Cloud, Naver, and Nimbella – four serverless platforms you may not have been aware of till now.

Michele Sciabarrà

Introducing Cron Triggers for Cloudflare Workers — It’s about time! Get it..? 😂 Cloudflare Workers, the serverless platform on the edge, has introduced ‘cron triggers’ letting you schedule when workers run rather than having them only trigger in response to HTTP requests. Of course, Workers is focused on rapid, short lived functions, so don’t expect to be using this for ETL jobs or something. Here’s how they implemented this new feature.

The Cloudflare Blog

Complete Serverless Observability & Debugging with One Click — Using automatic distributed tracing, Lumigo gives you an end-to-end view of your AWS serverless transactions and identifies exceptions, timeouts and cold starts. Get alerts before things go wrong and easily drill down to the root cause.

Lumigo sponsor

Amazon Timestream Goes GA: Time Series Data 'at Any Scale' — The popularity of time series databases shows no sign of waning and Amazon's formal GA release of its Timestream time series data store comes at an interesting time. Amazon also seems keen to call it a serverless database, but which new AWS services aren't being called serverless nowadays? 😁

Amazon Web Services

Workers Durable Objects Beta: Cloudflare's Take on 'Stateful Serverless' — Durable Objects aims to provide a serverless approach to storage and state and to enable more complex apps to “run entirely on the edge, with no centralized ‘origin’ server at all.” A closed beta only for now for which you have to request an invite.

Kenton Varda

Building Scalable GraphQL APIs on AWS with CDK, TypeScript, AppSync, DynamoDB, and Lambda — AWS AppSync is a managed serverless GraphQL service and you can bring it together with numerous other technologies to create powerful solutions like a real-time GraphQL API as here.

Nader Dabit

Long-Running Workflows with Human Interactions using Step Functions and Ballerina — You can use AWS Step Functions to define state machines for workflows between different AWS services and the Ballerina language provides some interesting abstractions over the task.

Anjana Fernando

Using AWS Lambda as a Consumer for Amazon Kinesis — Some best practices when using Lambda with Kinesis for high-throughput, low latency data stream processing.

James Beswick

▶  Discussing How to Optimize Your Lambda Functions — I don’t like to link to multi-part podcasts until all the parts are available, but this is a great exception as it covers the valuable topic of optimizing Lambda functions and how to use Alex Casalboni’s AWS Lambda Power Tuning tool to finely balance cost and performance. This sort of work is always time well spent if you’re running functions at scale or want to learn how to do so. (42 minutes.)

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