#168 — September 18, 2020

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▶  Seven Talks from ServerlessDays Warsaw 2020 — The whole world became Warsaw two weeks ago as ServerlessDays Warsaw took place online. Now, the talks are becoming available for us to watch, including:


Serverless Land: Resources for Learning About AWS Serverless Technology — The folks over at Amazon have put together a site to bring together all of their various resources regarding working with all the serverless features available in AWS. We’ll also keep an eye on it and link to the best bits over time.

Amazon Web Services

Visualize the Health of Your Serverless Architecture — Identify, troubleshoot and resolve incidents in your serverless architecture by correlating serverless metrics, traces, and logs to ensure that your functions are healthy with Datadog’s unified monitoring platform. Start a free trial.

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Join Me at Microsoft Create:Serverless: Conversations with Community and Industry Experts — Me and a whole amazing raft of great serverless speakers and community members are getting together on Sep 30 for a half-day virtual event. If you want to join in, you can learn more and register here (it’s free).


▶  The Story of the Serverless Framework — The first of a two part podcast interview where Jeremy Daly talks to Austen Collins (CEO of Serverless Inc) about the origins of Serverless Framework and Serverless Inc.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

A Look At AWS X-Ray's New Integration with AWS Step Functions — AWS Step Functions now integrates with AWS X-Ray (the distributed app analysis and debugging tool) so you can trace your serverless orchestration workflows. As part of this, Datadog can also monitor step functions using this integration.

Benjamin Smith

What We've Learned Using AWS Lambda in Production for Over a Year — Brocoders builds software systems for other people and here they tell the story of how they got started bringing Lambda into their stack arsenal and the limitations they’ve run into.

Maksim Vinogradov

Sending Discord Notifications using CloudWatch Alarms, SNS and AWS Lambda — How to send a notification to a Discord Channel when a CloudWatch alarm is triggered.

Daniel Da Costa

An AWS Lambda Function to Retrieve Twitter Follower Count — To get comfortable with AWS Lambda, Raf decided to build something both simple and useful.

Raf Rasenberg

Log Management for Modern Engineering Teams — Extract what you need with saved searches, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations and easily share valuable data with your team.

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▶  Eight Tips for Mastering AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) — In just 10 minutes Marcia Villalba shares some useful tips for using AWS SAM, a framework for more easily building serverless apps on top of AWS.

FooBar Serverless

chrome-aws-lambda: A Chromium Binary for AWS Lambda — A project to make it easy to use a headless Chrome instance from your AWS Lambda serverless functions. Sees frequent updates.

Alix Axel

How to Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for OpenFaaS with Okta and OpenID Connect

Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS)