#167 — September 11, 2020

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How 'cdnjs' Migrated to Serverless with Workers KVcdnjs is a free CDN service that hosts almost 4000 JavaScript libraries. Cloudflare provides the CDN services, but now it’s been remodelled to using their serverless Workers platform and Workers KV key-value data store – here’s the full story.

Tyler Caslin (Cloudflare)

Google Cloud API Gateway Now in Public Beta — A new fully-managed Google Cloud service for creating, securing, and monitoring APIs for serverless workloads - built on top of Envoy. Think GCP’s answer to AWS API Gateway.

Google Cloud Blog

React and Serverless - Full-Stack Web Development — Learn how to build secure and production-ready JAMstack applications using React and Netlify (Serverless) Functions. We’ll cover authentication, data storage in Airtable, Styled Components, Continuous Integration with Netlify, and more.

James Q Quick sponsor

Running a Serverless OAuth Proxy with GrantGrant is a JavaScript-powered OAuth proxy that, till now, has needed to be run in a typical HTTP servery way, but.. it now supports AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Cloud Functions and Vercel out of the box!

Simon Vlachkov

▶  Discussing Serverless Transformation at AWS — Holly Mesrobian, a director of engineering at AWS, talks to Jeremy Daly about how teams at AWS are adopting serverless technologies for themselves and how AWS Lambda is making other AWS services better.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Medical Image Classification using Azure Functions and Cognitive Services — Walks through what’s involved in training a classification model on Azure Cognitive Services, a suite of AI related APIs, and then building a serverless API to classify X-ray images.

Parag Ghorpade

Sending Data From an HTML Form to a Google Sheet — By going via Lambda and SQS.

Levi Nunnink

Exploring AWS Lambda Deployment Limits — It might be a serverless service that can scale a long way, but Lambda does have a variety of limitations to be aware of, such as total deployment size, the amount of memory you can use, timeouts, etc.

John Demian

Scheduling Irregular AWS Lambda Executions Through DynamoDB TTL Attributes — An older post, but one I missed at the time. This is an interesting way to schedule Lambda invocations in irregular ways (e.g. “run this function once in 2 days and 10 hours and then again in 4 days”).

Michael Bahr

Manipulating GitHub Wiki Data with Azure Functions

Kóredé Bashir