#166 — September 4, 2020

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Workflows Beta: A New Google Cloud Service to Orchestrate Workflows — Workflows provides serverless workflow orchestration of Google Cloud products and any HTTP-based APIs, including private endpoints and SaaS, with a pay as you go model. You define/code these workflows using a YAML-based language.

Google Cloud

▶  How to Build a Low-Latency Serverless GraphQL API on AWS with Node, AppSync, Lambda, and DynamoDB — As long as you’re happy with the AWS ecosystem, there’s a lot to enjoy in this 28 minute video. AppSync, Lambda, and DynamoDB really allow you to pull together something quite powerful in a short period of time and AppSync handles most of the GraphQL heavy lifting.

Nader Dabit

Open-Source Framework for Building Serverless Web Apps — If you are looking to build full-stack serverless web apps, checkout Webiny. It's open-source, it uses React, Node, GraphQL and TypeScript. It deploys your apps to your AWS cloud and runs on top of Lambda functions.

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Serverless September: Daily Serverless Content — We’ll link to some of the articles as the month progresses, but if you want to keep up to date, each day this page will link to new articles posted as part of Azure’s Serverless September serverless content push. It won’t surprise you most articles will be covering Azure Functions, of course :-)

Microsoft Azure

Building a Sudoku-Solving Serverless Endpoint using WebAssembly — A post that brings together some interesting ideas, like building an existing C++ library as WebAssembly then linking against it from a serverless endpoint. It leans on OR-Tools, a set of tools, built by Google, for solving combinatorial optimization problems (like a Sudoku puzzle!)

Kjartan Rekdal Müller

Implementing a Serverless Passwordless Login with FaunaDB — FaunaDB is a globally distributed database targeted at serverless use cases.

Guido Zuidhof

Surviving a Heatwave Using Google Cloud Functions — Dealing with a humid and hot summer in Belgium, Adriaan wanted some reminders to open and close his windows and curtains at certain times to keep temperatures bearable. This is how he approached the task using Google’s serverless platform.

Adriaan Marain

Case Study: Learn How Intercom Reduced Test Times by 85% 🚀 — Self-hosted agents work w/ all source code tools, languages and platforms, reliably speeding up tests at any scale.

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▶  From ColdFusion to Serverless with Raymond Camden — Jeremy Daly chats with Ray Camden about his journey from working with ColdFusion to serverless, how developers should be thinking about the serverless paradigm, and why the Jamstack (yes, we have a newsletter about that!) provides a perfect level of abstraction.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Creating Serverless Functions on Vercel — A walk through the steps to create serverless functions on the Vercel service.

Geoffrey Dhuyvetters

A Deep Dive into Serverless Tracing with AWS X-Ray and Lambda“I wanted to see if I could use AWS X-Ray to get everything I wanted out of a tracing solution” .. and Steven goes into quite some depth finding out.

Steven Staley

Creating a Serverless Environment for Testing Your Apache Kafka Apps

Yeva Byzek (Confluent)