#165 — August 28, 2020

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Serverless-Flow: A CI/CD Branching Workflow Optimized for Speed and Quality — The ‘GitHub flow’ is the popular approach of branching, committing, creating a pull request, and merging, that’s used on GitHub repos. Serverless Flow is a proposed equivalent idea for working with CI/CD in serverless scenarios.

Ben Ellerby

Serverless, Testing, and Two Thinking Hats — The author shares how he tests serverless applications, noting that his approach tends to “buck the trend of what a lot of people consider ‘best practice’”.

Mike Roberts

Logging in the Age of DevOps — It is key to maintain visibility and security in today’s fast-moving, highly dynamic environments. Check out this eBook on how best to approach the log management challenges that teams face today.

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API Gateway HTTP APIs Adds Integration with Five AWS Services — API Gateway provides a handy way to offer APIs powered by Lambda functions (or other HTTP services) behind the scenes, but now you can hook it up to AppConfig, EventBridge, Kinesis Data Streams, SQS, and Step Functions too which opens up a lot of new serverless-feeling opportunities (e.g. starting a Step Functions workflow by a simple HTTP call).

Amazon Web Services

▶  Discussing Building Serverless with Begin — This week, Jeremy Daly spoke with Paul Chin, Jr. about how Begin (a serverless deployment tooling platform) and Architect (a serverless framework for JS, Python and Ruby) make it easier to build and deploy serverless applications.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Exposing a SOAP Service as a REST API - The Serverless Way — If you’ve got a SOAP-based Web service, there are a variety of ways you can expose it via other protocols/standards. One way is to put API Gateway and a Lambda in front of it to translate calls to the service.

Adrin Mukherjee

How Square Provides mTLS Identities to Lambdas — How Square issues identity (by way of mTLS) to AWS Lambda based apps so they can make authenticated calls to applications running in Square’s data center.

Michael Weissbacher (Square)

Secure Serverless Framework Configurations Automatically — Prevent misconfigurations in your Serverless files and enforce policies straight from your CI/CD pipeline.

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Building Storage-First Serverless Applications with HTTP APIs Service Integrations

Eric Johnson (AWS)

Solving a Real-Life Problem using Serverless Technologies — A COVID-19 related use-case for serverless services.

Yev Krupetsky

Troubleshooting Binaries in AWS Lambda — If you’ve worked with binary dependencies on AWS Lambda, you’ll probably have run into a few tricky issues to clear up (I certainly have!). Alejandro provides some tips to keep in mind.

Alejandro Oviedo

How I Write Meaningful Tests for AWS Lambda Functions — Testing is a common theme this week. In this case, the author looks at some hurdles you need to overcome and recommends moto as a way to mock out AWS services your functions interact with.

Paul Singman

▶  Deploying a Next.js App to AWS using Serverless Framework

Nader Dabit

Wrangler 1.11.0: The Cloudflare Workers CLI Tool — If you use Cloudflare’s Workers serverless platform, Wrangler is well worth using and it’s become a lot easier to use with this release that lets you log in to the system right from the command line.