#158 — July 10, 2020

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Load Testing a Webapp's Serverless Backend — Serverless can scale, but no app or function is going to be immediately and infinitely scalable out of the box. Load testing with the sort of traffic you expect for your app is a valuable process and here’s a look at an approach to doing it.

James Beswick (AWS)

Serverless Web Apps in Python — A practical ‘brain dump’ about what’s involved in deploying Python web apps on AWS Lambda using Zappa, essentially the ‘go to’ tool for working with serverless Python apps.

Sanjay Siddhanti

Debug, Troubleshoot, and Secure Microservices on AWS — Build better software with observability and security into your microservices using serverless functions with Thundra. Boost developer productivity by quickly pinpointing issues with distributed tracing and fix with debugging.

Thundra sponsor

The Challenges of Going Serverless: 2020 Edition — Even if you love ‘pay as you go’ and you don’t miss all that boring ops work, serverless still poses some challenges from unique security risks to vendor lock-in.

Mariliis Retter

Building a Serverless GraphQL API in Node.js with Express and Netlify — A very accessible tutorial that will suit anyone who likes to keep things easy to maintain.

Matthew Ström

A Guide to Lambda Triggers for Design Patterns — The first in a series of posts that looks at the correlation of ways to trigger serverless functions within common serverless architectural patterns. The aggregator and ‘data lake’ patterns are examined in this outing.

Renato Byrro

How to Protect Your RDS MySQL DB from AWS Lambda Scalability — Cloud databases can’t necessarily scale as much as your serverless functions can. Luckily, AWS RDS Proxy was recently made GA and helps solve this problem for RDS at least.

Matt Coulter

How to Use Headless Chromium and Selenium in AWS Lambda — A full height page rendering example written in Python and a ready to use CloudFormation template.

Vittorio Nardone

How to Debug AWS Lambda Performance Issues — True serverless hero Yan Cui shares some advice on performance debugging. Naturally, Lumigo comes up as he works there :-)

Yan Cui (Lumigo)

▶  Accelerating DynamoDB Workflows using Dynobase — A 50 minute podcast chat about using DynamoDB, where DynamoDB shines, and how the (paid) Dynobase DynamoDB GUI client can help.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Serverless-Side Rendering with Lambda@EdgeLambda@Edge is basically AWS Lambda but at edge locations, courtesy of CloudFront and here’s a (very) high level example of how one company uses it.

Joe Duran

A Step by Step Guide to 'Fan-Out' with SNS and SQS

Rafael Rodriguez