#157 — July 3, 2020

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Amazon RDS Proxy Now Generally Available — RDS Proxy is a fully managed database proxy for RDS and likely to be of particular interest when building serverless apps due to the high number of open database connections that can occur.

Channy Yun (AWS)

FaunaDB Creators Raise $27M, Change Leadership — Cloud database FaunaDB is becoming quite popular in the serverless space (or ‘client-serverless’ as they call it) so it’s nice to see them grow.


How To Optimize Serverless For Cost & Performance — Get the most from your serverless architecture with these key strategy, cost and performance considerations, as well as see real-life examples of how to effectively monitor your systems.

CloudZero sponsor

Serverless PHP Using Bref with Matthieu Napoli — A chat with Matthieu Napoli about the role of PHP and taking PHP serverless. This is a growing topic recently as we’ve linked to articles about serverless PHP and there’s also Vapor, an interesting serverless deployment platform for the PHP Laravel framework.

Serverless Chats Podcast

A Serverless BERT with HuggingFace and AWS Lambda — How to build a serverless question-answering API with BERT (the natural language processing technique), HuggingFace, the Serverless Framework, and AWS Lambda.

Philipp Schmid

The Serverless Reference Architectures Project — Jeremy Daly, of Serverless Chats fame, has unveiled a new community project to build a library of ‘reference architectures’ for serverless projects. Three patterns are explained so far including the curiously named Strangler Pattern. This overview of 32 serverless patterns will also be of interest to you if you like this sort of thing.

Jeremy Daly

▶  Using Swift on AWS Lambda with Xcode — A 12 minute WWDC session quickly covering how to build a Lambda function in Swift, debug it in Xcode and and deploy it to AWS Lambda.

Tom Doron (Apple)

Simple Serverless Auth with Magic.link and Next.js — A demonstration of bringing together a serverless Next.js-powered React app with authentication via an email link login.

Eric Adamski

Analyze and Debug Serverless Performance in Datadog — Collect custom metrics from serverless functions and correlate them with cold starts to identify patterns of customer-facing latency.

Datadog sponsor

How Autodesk Went Serverless: A Case Study — This is just a brief, official case study from AWS, but I found it interesting as it’s so meta. Autodesk built an entire serverless system to create new AWS accounts – this is when you know you’re operating at scale :-)

Amazon Web Services

Why Use AWS Lambda for Data Science? — Serverless is a reasonably good fit for certain types of data science and analytics tasks.

Dave Parr

'Serverless Redis' Unveils a Terraform Provider — A lot of projects get released and fade away, but Serverless Redis, a ‘run Redis without thinking about the servers’ service is continuing to push ahead.

Rafael Nunes

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