#156 — June 26, 2020

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How I Used Lambda and EFS for Massively Parallel Compute — Last week we featured the great news that you can now mount EFS file systems within Lambda functions, and there are already stories about how and why this is a game changer – this is the one of the best ones.

Peter Sbarski

Salesforce Introduces New Developer Tools, Including Serverless Functions — The hugely popular CRM system has rolled out a variety of new tools for developers building apps on top of their platform including Salesforce Functions, their take on a serverless approach.

Ron Miller (TechCrunch)

End-to-End Observability for Serverless & Containers — Monitor & troubleshoot microservice environments to get the full picture of what they’re doing, down to the payload level. Optimize service costs, troubleshoot issues & reduce MTTR with full data correlation & distributed tracing. Try free and grab a t-shirt.

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Azure Durable Functions Now Supports PythonDurable Functions is a way to define stateful serverless workflows when using Azure Functions and now it’s open to Python users too (in addition to C#, JavaScript, and F# as before).


Amazon SES Can Now Send Event Notifications When The Delivery of An Email Is Delayed — If you’re using Simple Email Service for, say, sending a ‘magic link’ to let users log in to your service, it’s not much use when that email is delayed. Now you can be notified when this is the case.

Amazon Web Services

Getting Started with Swift on AWS Lambda — You might associate Swift more with building mobile apps but you can use it to build serverless functions too, especially now that there’s a Swift AWS Lambda runtime. Here, learn how to create and deploy your first Lambda function in Swift, using SwiftPM and Docker.

Fabian Fett

Simplifying Serverless Best Practices with Lambda PowertoolsLambda Powertools is an opinionated library that will help with implementing observability best practices on your Python-based Lambda functions.

Tom McCarthy

Using Amazon EFS for AWS Lambda in Your Serverless Apps — More follow up to last week’s big EFS + Lambda news with a look at use cases and actually using the new functionality.

James Beswick

Save Your Sprints. Build Tools 5x Faster — Retool provides a full set of React components that connect to any DB or API (Lambda included) out of the box.

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Implementing Geohashing at Scale in Serverless Web Applications

James Beswick

▶  A Deep Dive into CloudWatch for Observing and Monitoring Serverless Apps — A 50 minute video chat with Danilo Poccia about how Amazon CloudWatch can be used to observe serverless apps.

FooBar Serverless

cmda: A Command Line Tool for Copying Files To/From AWS Lambda“Along with EFS for Lambda, this makes it an easy tool to move files to/from an EFS file system that you might use with your other Lambda functions.”


Serverless Functions the Fast Way — A good guide on building and deploying Netlify Functions including a number of useful examples of common uses.

Jason Lengstorf

Develop, Preview, Test — How deploy previews and serverless testing infrastructure simplifies and reduces the cost of implementing end-to-end testing.

Guillermo Rauch (Vercel)

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