#154 — June 12, 2020

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The Rise of Embarrassingly Parallel Serverless Compute — A thought-piece on how distributed serverless compute can change the game on what’s possible (an example is to imagine an hour long task split into 3600 1 second long lambdas running simultaneously) although there are clearly speed bumps and challenges along the way.

David Wells

Introducing The New Serverless LAMP Stack — The first in a new series of posts aimed specifically at PHP developers about how PHP can be used in the serverless context, not something we tend to see a lot about but AWS Lambda is certainly up to the task.

Benjamin Smith (AWS)

Top Serverless Best Practices — The Serverless Framework remains a highly popular deployment framework for serverless apps. Check out these 10 best practices to keep your serverless apps secure and robust.

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▶  The Past, Present, and Future of Serverless — An hour long chat with Tim Wagner, the initial inventor of AWS Lambda and then manager for Lambda, API Gateway, and the Serverless Application Repository. A lot to enjoy here!

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

AWS Lambda Power Tuning v3.3.0 — A tool powered by AWS Step Functions to help you tune your Lambda functions’ memory configuration. Provide it with any Lambda function and it’ll run it under various configurations to let you analyze the best way to go because it’s not as straightforward as giving a function as little memory as it needs.

Alex Casalboni

An Accessible Intro to Cloudflare Workers — If you’ve ever wondered why you might use Cloudflare’s Workers platform (a FaaS platform built on V8) rather than AWS Lambda or Azure Functions, this might give you some ideas or at least tempt you to have a play.

Kay Plößer

Convergent Evolution, CDNs and the Cloud — An insightful piece about the contrasts between CDNs and other forms of infrastructure and how all types of provider are offering each other’s types of service, such as AWS offering CDN services or Cloudflare offering a serverless platform.

Stephen O'Grady

Creating an AWS Lambda Kotlin Function — Since Kotlin is a JVM-based language, it’s really easy.

Gaute Meek Olsen

Keep Your MongoDB Healthy — Offload read-heavy workloads from MongoDB to a Rockset external index to keep your operational workloads running reliably.

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How to Clean Up Unused EBS Volumes with a Lambda Function

Yifat Perry

Cron Job AWS Lambda Functions Tutorial: How to Schedule Tasks — A simple, practical demo of doing scheduled tasks relating to managing EC2 instances.

Marcia Villalba

Event Driven Architectures with EventBridge — A very quick explanation of how Amazon’s EventBridge serverless event bus has made building event driven architectures a piece of cake at this engineer’s company.

Gavin Cornwell