#153 — June 5, 2020

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Introducing the Swift AWS Lambda Runtime — Swift is a language perhaps usually associated with Apple and iOS and macOS development, but its use cases have been expanding to the server, too.. and now, officially, to serverless 😄 Distributed as a Swift package, the Swift AWS Lambda Runtime is designed to help Swift developers build serverless functions.

Tom Doron (Apple)

Serverless Framework Releases Azure Functions v2 — An introduction to the v2 release of the Serverless Azure Functions plugin for Serverless Framework which includes support for Linux, Python and .NET Core Function Apps.

Serverless, Inc.

Understand Serverless Functions & Why They Fail — Monitor & troubleshoot your serverless and containerized environments to get the full picture of what they're doing, down to the payload level. Optimize service costs, troubleshoot issues quickly & reduce MTTR with full data correlation & distributed tracing. Try free.

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Take the Serverless Adoption Research Survey — If you’ve got a few minutes, help Paul of Serverless First understand the pains of building serverless apps. He’ll be making the aggregated, anonymized results public later on so we all benefit from this. Direct link to survey.

Paul Swail

▶  Static First Using Serverless Frontends with Guillermo Rauch — A chat with Next.js and Vercel’s (formerly ZEIT) Guillermo Rauch about the difference between front-end and backend serverless and making front-end Web experiences work as quickly as possible.

Serverless Chats podcast

How The AWS Lambda Team Made My Two Year Old Talk Completely Irrelevant — It is neat how quick things are moving, and when Serhat was complaining about cold starts, local development issues, (a lack of) SQS integration, and more, little did he realize they’d be mostly resolved so quickly.

Serhat Can

How Azure Durable Functions Scale — A look at how Azure Durable Functions handle scaling as the amount of work changes.

Joonas Westlin

Hit The 6MB Lambda Payload Limit? Here's What You Can do“Turns out you can’t POST more than 6MB of data to Lambda through API Gateway.” So what are your options?

Yan Cui

Keep Your MongoDB Healthy — Offload read-heavy workloads from MongoDB to a Rockset external index to keep your operational workloads running reliably.

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How to Create an Azure Active Directory-Protected API with Azure Functions and .NET Core 3.1 — Brings together quite a few moving parts if you’re working on Azure.

Christos Matskas

A Chat with sls-dev-tools' Ben Ellerby — In case you missed it two weeks ago, here’s our chat with Ben Ellerby, Serverless aficionado and VP of Engineering at Theodo.

Peter Cooper

▶  Kubernetes vs. Serverless with Matt Ward — The hugely popular Software Engineering Daily developer podcast takes on serverless in a comparison against the more full-fat Kubernetes approach to managing and scaling apps.

Software Engineering Daily podcast