#152 — May 29, 2020

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Serverless Express: Easy APIs on AWS Lambda and AWS HTTP API — A component for Serverless Framework focused on deploying Node Express.js-powered APIs to AWS Lambda and serving them up via API Gateway’s new HTTP API approach. Seems pretty slick. GitHub repo.

Austen Collins (Serverless Inc)

The Joy of Serverless“In this post, I shall unashamedly extoll the subjective (perhaps even emotional) virtues of serverless software development.” Come on, Tom, hit us with some positivity 😁

Tom Wright

Top Serverless Best Practices — The Serverless Framework remains a highly popular deployment framework for serverless apps. Check out these 10 best practices to keep your serverless apps secure and robust.

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AWS SAM Adds Support for AWS Step Functions — If you’re using AWS’s SAM (Serverless Application Model) tools, this is a big deal as it makes it easier to put together the sort of multi step workflows Step Functions enables.

Amazon Web Services

Google Brews Up A Fresh Pot of Java for Cloud Functions — Google Cloud Platform has added Java 11 support to its serverless Cloud Functions service.

Tim Anderson (The Register)

A Day in The Life of a Serverless Developer on AWS — Ryan Jones lays out what he spends most of his time working with and thinking about as a serverless-oriented developer.

Serverless Guru

3 Valuable Lessons Learned About AWS Lambda DestinationsLambda Destinations is where you can route async Lambda results to other AWS resources like Lambdas, SNS, SQS, or EventBridge.

Andrew Titenko

3 Things I Wish I Knew About AWS Lambda Functions Early On

  1. Some executions can share context.
  2. If your event loop (as with Node) has tasks waiting (e.g. fetching something over the network) your functions can run far longer than expected, but you can fix this.
  3. Layers have size limitations.

Andrew Titenko

A Complete Terraform Setup of a Serverless App on Google Cloud Run and Firebase — A lot of depth here if you want to go down this route.

Miłosz Smółka

How To Write Serverless Functions in Python — The Serverless Framework is a great resource to help you learn how to get started building serverless functions in Python.

Michael Lavers

Why Serverless Wins: A War Story About COVID, Cloud, and Cost — When your business is hit hard by the pandemic situation and you need to cut costs, are serverless approaches going to help? Well, yes, and it only took switching DynamoDB to on-demand mode to do it in this story.

Forrest Brazeal

Build Internal Tools in Days, Not Weeks — Quickly build the tools your company needs with Retool. UI building blocks that connect to any DB or API—Lambda included.

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▶  Things I Wish I Knew Before Migrating to the Cloud with Jared Short — Trek10’s Jared Short talks about the ‘ever expanding’ cloud work and why trying to master every cloud service isn’t really viable. This chat is less about tech per se and more about how to approach and structure its use.

Serverless Chats podcast

Xinja Almost Abandoned a Serverless Backend Built for Apple Pay — Xinja is an Australian online-only bank that built an Apple Pay capability solely on serverless tech in six weeks.

IT News Australia

Finding The Right Database for Serverless — One developer’s thoughts on seeking out a database that suits the serverless paradigm.

Fatih Altinok

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