#146 — April 17, 2020

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Cloudflare Workers Now Supports.. COBOL — COBOL is one of the earliest things you could really call a programming language (it first appeared in 1959!) and is often a source of amusement because it’s seen as old, verbose, clunky, and difficult to maintain. Nonetheless, it’s still in use (particularly in legacy systems) and you can use with Cloudflare Workers too!

John Graham-Cumming

The Ten Rules for Data Modeling with DynamoDB — Amazon’s DynamoDB is one of the most fastest-growing databases right now, given how well it fits in with other AWS services (especially AWS Lambda). This post looks at how to use it properly.

Alex DeBrie

Natively Debug AWS Lambda on Your IDE — Securely debug AWS Lambda functions with Thundra’s live online-debugger. Both VSCode and IntelliJ IDEA are natively supported with plugins, with other IDEs supported via a portable client. Start debugging Node, Python & Java functions for free today.

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▶  Building a 'Backend-Less' URL Shortener on API Gateway — Ah, backend-less, that slightly less appealing variant of serverless 😄 Some neat bits and pieces in this 50 minute talk from GOTO 2019 which digs pretty deep into API Gateway.. an AWS service that terrifies me at the best of times.

Eric Johnson

Translating Documents at 'Enterprise Scale' with Serverless — I always want to throw quotes around terms like ‘enterprise scale’ 😄 but such scales do exist. Here we see how Lambda can get involved in AWS-based natural language translation workflows.

James Beswick (AWS)

Building a Netlify Lambda Function to Turn Twitter Lists Into Email Digests — An interesting option if you’re getting a bit overwhelmed with Twitter right now, or want to keep up with certain lists of accounts you don’t necessarily want on your main feed.

Tobe Rej

End-to-End Observability for Serverless & Microservices — Monitor, trace & troubleshoot serverless functions to understand what they're doing & why they fail. Try free.

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What It Took to Build a Serverless App That Texts Positive COVID-19 News — Code, a screencast tour, and an article looking at what it took to build a simple serverless app using C#, Azure Functions, and Twilio to text news alerts (but only ones with positive sentiments!)

Gwyneth Pena S.

Gain Access to Your Functions with CORS — CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) is a mechanism for allowing resources to be requested across domains. For example, having JavaScript dynamically call and include results from one of your serverless functions from afar.

Alex Ellis

Reading Parquet Files with AWS Lambda

Anand Prakash