#145 — April 3, 2020

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A Collection of 32 Serverless Patterns — A group of academics collected together various serverless patterns they’d seen in talks, on blogs, and in other papers and, well, here’s a summary of what they found. The 32 patterns covered are broken down into areas like aggregation, event management, and authorization.

Taibi, Ioini, Pahl, et al.

The Smallest Way to Introduce Serverless Into an Existing Application — Sometimes you can’t just go all in with serverless but you need to get a ‘foot-in-the-door’ for serverless in non-serverless workloads. Here’s a good example of where to try that.

Paul Swail

End-to-End Observability for Serverless Environments — Monitor & troubleshoot serverless functions to get the full picture of what they're doing & why they fail. Optimize service costs, troubleshoot issues quickly & reduce MTTR with full data correlation, payload visibility & automated tracing. Try Free.

Epsagon sponsor

▶  Better Serverless Microservices using Domain Driven Design — Jeremy Daly chats with Susanne Kaiser, an independent serverless consultant, about the patterns and practices of Domain Driven Design and how they can help you build better serverless backends. (55 minutes.)

Serverless Chats podcast

▶  Serverless 2.0: Get Started with the 'PLONK' Stack — Alex Ellis (of OpenFaaS fame) gave a talk at GOTO Berlin looking at a stack he’s called PLONK, standing for Prometheus, Linkerd2, OpenFaaS, NATS, and Kubernetes.

Alex Ellis

Avoiding Azure Functions Downtime with Slots — Slots allow a user to deploy different Functions and hot swap them, without downtime.

Jonatas Baldin

How to Build a 'Serverless' API in AWS Without a Single Lambda — A lot of AWS services offer ‘serverless’ style mechanisms without you needing to lean on AWS Lambda itself, as demonstrated here.

Andres Moreno

Retool: Build Internal Tools a Lot Faster, with Less Maintenance — UI building blocks connect to any DB or API—Lambda included. Hackable by design, use JS anywhere and query JSON with SQL.

Retool sponsor

Decorated Lambda Handlers — Reducing AWS Lambda boilerplate using a reusable decorator function.

Tom Vincent

Updating an AWS Lambda App from .NET Core 2.1 to 3.1

Marcus Turewicz

Why I Didn't Choose Serverless Framework? — Some folks like to jump straight to established tools and frameworks, some like to roll their own. Mandar took the latter route with his steps into serverless but explains why.

Mandar Nilange

Yan Cui's New (Paid) AWS Lambda Course — It costs money, but Yan Cui is well known as a serverless expert and his “Learn You Some Lambda Best Practice for Great Good” course may well be for you.

Yan Cui