#147 — April 24, 2020

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sls-dev-tools v1.0: Think DevTools But for Serverless“Think Chrome Dev Tools but for Serverless” say the team behind sls-dev-tools. They work with AWS Lambda and alongside tools like Serverless Framework or SAM. Metrics are easier to monitor, resources easier to deploy.. if you’re a Lambda user, they’re certainly worth a look.


▶  Discussing Serverless Use Cases with Gareth McCumskey — A chat with Gareth McCumskey (of Serverless Inc) about different production-level serverless use cases including RESTful APIs, GraphQL, WebSockets, and capturing clickstream data.

The Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Natively Debug AWS Lambda on Your IDE — Securely debug AWS Lambda functions with Thundra’s live online-debugger. Both VSCode and IntelliJ IDEA are natively supported with plugins, with other IDEs supported via a portable client. Start debugging Node, Python & Java functions for free today.

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Lambda Store: A 'Serverless Redis' Service — This seems a neat idea. Claiming to not be just another Redis cloud service, Lambda Store applies a serverless-style pricing model which opens up a variety of neat use cases for the popular data structure server (serverless caching, for starters). The underlying system appears to be a custom clone of Redis rather than the real deal, however.

Sven Anderson

ZEIT Is Now Vercel — You probably best know ZEIT as the creators and maintainers of the ‘Now’ deployment and serverless function hosting platform. They're still here – just with a new name and a lot of new funding.


Refactor Your Node and Express APIs to Serverless with Azure Functions — John Papa points out a Microsoft tutorial that walks through the process of taking a Node API serverless with Azure’s Functions service.

John Papa

How to Trigger AWS Lambda by SMS (Text Message) — You basically communicate with AWS Pinpoint using SMS, a message is passed onto SNS, and SNS triggers your Lambda function. An interesting alternative to Twilio who usually dominate this space.

Mohammed Lutfalla

Why Serverless Apps Fail and How to Design Resilient Architectures — After monitoring thousands of serverless systems at Dashbird, they’ve got a few tips on what things fail most often and how to avoid a key problem with throughput and concurrency. Spoiler: Use a queue!

Renato Byrro

Go for Cloud — Reflections on Go's Suitability for FaaS and AWS Lambda Use Cases — A response to a this article about Go’s pros and cons in the cloud. You should read both.

Filip Lubniewski

The Database for Serverless Real-Time Applications — An in-depth look into the Aggregator Leaf Tailer Architecture (ALT) used by Rockset to auto-scale ingest and queries independently for fast queries on fresh data.

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How AWS Lambda Retry Really Works“In this post, we’ll analyze the AWS Lambda Retry Policy, and the different techniques and best practice to handle errors.”

Enrico Portolan

Rethinking Twitter as a Serverless App with FaunaDB — This appears to be a sponsored article promoting FaunaDB (a so-called serverless database) but it’s pretty good.

CSS Tricks / FaunaDB

Lessons Learned Building Serverless Data Pipelines

Nathan Pointer