#142 — March 13, 2020

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InfiniCache: Building a Distributed Cache on Top of AWS Lambda? — A review of an interesting paper called “InfiniCache: Exploiting Ephemeral Serverless Functions to Build a Cost-Effective Memory Cache” with a focus on the techniques used. As Mikhail says, “it takes courage and creativity to repurpose serverless stateless compute as a stateful memory store.”

Mikhail Shilkov

'HTTP APIs' Now Generally Available on API Gateway — Amazon’s API Gateway has always supported HTTP, no? Well, yes, but the pattern was distinctly oriented around REST, whereas this new approach is more dynamic, cheaper, and offers latency reductions too. It can also be mixed with existing REST APIs if you so wish. And in case you missed it, last week Serverless Framework added support for HTTP APIs already.

Amazon Web Services

Faster CI/CD for All Your Software Projects Using Buildkite — See how Shopify scaled from 300 to 1500 engineers while keeping their build times under 5 minutes.

Buildkite sponsor

▶  Real World Serverless: A New Serverless Podcast — It’s only two episodes old so far but with Yan Cui at the helm, you know it’s going to be good. Episodes clock in at around 30 minutes long and include a discussion about serverless at Zoopla and a chat about monorepos.

Yan Cui podcast

The AWS Serverless Application Repository Adds Sharing for AWS Organizations — The AWS Serverless Application Repository (SAR) enables builders to package serverless applications and reuse them within their own AWS accounts or share more widely. Previously, SAR apps could only be shared with specific AWS account IDs or made publicly available, but now they can be shared with AWS Organizations specifically too.

James Beswick

Serverless Phone Number Validation with AWS Lambda, Python and Twilio — How to build an AWS Lambda-based Python function that uses the Twilio Lookup API to validate phone numbers.

Miguel Grinberg (Twilio)

Three Things to Consider When Designing a Serverless API

Udith Gunaratna

Debugging Event Sources for AWS Lambda (with New Relic) — Getting quick visibility into which service triggered an AWS Lambda function invocation (and the context surrounding that call) is a key part of building observability into your serverless apps. This is New Relic’s take on the problem.

Adam Johnson

Analyze and Debug Lambda Performance in Datadog — Collect custom metrics from serverless functions and correlate them with cold starts to identify patterns of customer-facing latency.

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Using AWS Lambda with a Static Outgoing IP: A Complete No-VPC Tutorial — If you need to have a static outgoing IP when making HTTP requests from AWS Lambda, this is certainly one approach, although a server does make an appearance(!)

Yury Smykalov

How to Run AWS CloudHSM Workloads on AWS LambdaAWS CloudHSM is a cloud-based hardware security module (HSM) for generating, syncing and managing your own encryption keys using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs.

Mohamed AboElKheir

Rust and Serverless, with a Focus on Cloudflare Workers“I just wanted to prototype a simple REST API to see how this would work using serverless and Rust. Below are my findings.”

Simon Werner

How Serverless Saved Us For $2 — I always love a story where someone spent pennies but got a huge benefit. In this case, they needed to generate 2000 PDF reports and most of the cost was actually due to SQS.

Tristan Bessoussa

5 Reasons Why You Should Use EventBridge Instead of SNS — Why you should consider using EventBridge over SNS for service integrations.

Yan Cui