#143 — March 20, 2020

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Azure Functions Custom Handlers Now in Preview — It’s only a brief announcement, but still quite a big deal as it’ll let you “bring your own language” to Azure Functions (beyond the ones with first-class support). Ruby or Rust on Azure Functions? Yes please. There’s a lot more detail here.


Why Organizations Are Adopting (or Avoiding!) Serverless — Thoughts built up from the results of O’Reilly’s inaugural survey on serverless architecture adoption. Cost reduction and scalability were seen as the biggest wins, but education and vendor lock-in seen as the biggest challenges.

Roger Magoulas

JAMstack-Ready Video — You don't have to be a video expert to build video. Mux's Video API and developer-friendly docs make it super easy to build video or live streaming into any app.

Mux sponsor

📄 PDF – Serverless in the Wild: Characterizing and Optimizing the Serverless Workload at a Large Cloud Provider — If the underlying infrastructure and nitty gritty of running serverless platforms, this is for you! The ‘large cloud provider’ in this case is Azure, and this paper looks at how resources are allocated and provisioned based on how often functions are run, before moving on to proposing a new resource management policy that would reduce cold starts compared to current approaches.

Shahrad, Fonseca, et al.

The Serverless Framework Adds AWS Lambda Destination Support — The Serverless Framework now supports the recently released Lambda Event Destinations, a way to let Lambda functions asynchronously stream output into other AWS services while they continue to run.

Fernando Medina Corey (Serverless, Inc.)

Abstractions and Serverless — Good abstractions are good, bad abstractions are bad, but.. what does it all have to do with serverless? More than you would initially think. Lots of brainfood and insights here.

Adam Warski

Comparing Two Ways to Trigger AWS Lambda Functions from S3 — Both S3 notifications and EventBridge can be used to trigger a Lambda function when objects are added to an S3 bucket, each with pros and cons.

Eoin Shanaghy

Automated, Agentless Observability for Serverless & Microservices — Identify issues fast & reduce MTTR with automated data correlation, payload visibility, and seamless monitoring. Try free.

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5 Minutes to Create an AWS Lambda Function to Stay Updated — Ostensibly this is about bringing together Lambda, S3 and SNS to alert you to local government updates about COVID-19 in your area, but it’s really a way of monitoring changes to any Web resource, if you wish.

Kyle Stahl

How I Built a Serverless Geo-Search App with DynamoDB — A very basic case study. Some pointers on doing so for yourself, too.

Allen Helton

Serverless CI/CD: How We Added a Staging Step — Lumigo software engineer Nir Hod shares why and how he built a staging step into the Lumigo serverless CI/CD flow using CircleCI and Step Functions.

Nir Hod (Lumigo)

Call for Papers: ServerlessDays Virtual — The very first online-only ServerlessDays event is planned for April 29, and the CFP has just opened up — so be sure to submit a talk if this is of interest.


Remember to Take the Serverless Community Survey 2020 — We featured this a few weeks ago, but there’s still time to take it. Jeremy Daly, of Serverless Chats fame, is running a “serverless survey for the community, by the community.”

Jeremy Daly