#141 — March 6, 2020

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Introducing a Dart Runtime for AWS Lambda — Dart is a popular general purpose language originally built by Google as a sort of more structured JavaScript replacement but which is now finding its own niches. Thanks to custom AWS Lambda runtimes, you can run Dart in AWS Lambda.

Sebastian Doell

24 Open Source Tools for the Serverless Developer — Split into two parts. Part one (linked) rounds up serverless frameworks, Serverless Framework plugins, and a couple of CLI tools. Part 2 focuses on Node libraries for building Lambda functions.

Yan Cui

AWS Webinar: How to Scale Kubernetes in AWS — Operating a Kubernetes environment at scale requires monitoring for performance and health. Join this webinar to discover how to proactively approach monitoring of your Kubernetes environments—at any scale and any level of complexity.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) sponsor

A Look at Firecracker: AWS's Lightweight Virtualization for Serverless Applications — Firecracker is the (open source) virtual machine monitor that powers AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate. This post summarizes an academic paper on the topic.

Adrian Colyer

Serverless Framework Adds Support for AWS HTTP APIs — The Serverless Framework now supports the AWS HTTP API, a lower latency, lower cost alternative to the REST API approach.

Mariusz Nowak (Serverless, Inc.)

AWS Lambda@Edge Now Supports Node 12 and Python 3.8Lambda@Edge is a variant of AWS’s popular Lambda serverless platform running code at edge locations (via CloudFront). It now supports Node 12 and Python 3.8.

Amazon Web Services

Source: CNCF 2019 Survey

2019 CNCF Survey Results Demonstrate Serverless Popularity — The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) does a survey each year to see what technologies are getting the most use in the cloud computing space and currently 41% of respondents are using serverless technologies, 80% of those are using hosted platforms, and 53% of those are using AWS Lambda.

Kim McMahon

PDF: 📄 Formal Foundations of Serverless Computing — This academic paper focuses on the semantics of serverless computer and veers off into mathematical terminology pretty quickly. There’s definitely some interesting bits and pieces in here but admittedly goes over my head quite fast(!)

Jangda, Pinckney, Brun and Guha

Video for Serverless — Beautiful video experiences for your serverless app. Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy for any dev team to build video.

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Using Hanami::API on Amazon AWS LambdaHanami::API is a new, lightweight but high performance API library for Ruby, and here’s how to practically deploy it on AWS Lambda.

Luca Guidi

10 Tips to Optimize Your DynamoDB Costs — Optimizing cost for DynamoDB needs a different approach than what you might be used to.

Rafal Wilinski

Handling 350k Requests for $3 using AWS Lambda — A fun use case for serverless functions in bringing together numerous activity streams into a single, useful page (which the author offers via a browser extension).

Burak Karakan

Lazy Invoice: A Cool Demo of Cloudflare Workers — One function handles the UI, another generates a PDF invoice for a single product or service of your choice. Open source too.

Adam Schwartz

A Frontend Dev Asks: 'How Are You Using Serverless Functions?' — I like threads like this as you get to see the bigger picture and find some novel use cases.

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