#138 — February 14, 2020

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AWS Adds Serverless 'Lens' to Its AWS Well-Architected ToolWell-Architected Tool is an AWS tool for reviewing the state of your workloads and comparing them to AWS best practices and now you can use it to review your serverless practices too. Think of it as a sort of self-guided diagnosis tool for serverless best practices if using AWS.

Amazon Web Services

For the Love of Serverless: Predictions from LEGO's Sheen Brisals — The first in a new series of posts sharing insights from big serverless users, this time from an AWS Solutions Architect at LEGO (yes, the toy brick company).

John Kinmonth (New Relic)

Webinar: How to Deploy and Manage Cloud-First Applications and APIs — Join AWS and ESG for in-depth guidance on how to secure application traffic, manage performance, and maintain visibility. Learn how to seamlessly deploy and manage your applications and APIs using partner solutions in AWS Marketplace.

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Serverless Side Rendering — The Ultimate Guide — Webiny is a serverless CMS and they’ve invested quite a bit of time in doing ‘server side’ rendering in a serverless fashion or ‘serverless-side rendering’, if you will!

Adrian Smijulj

▶  Discussing Advanced NoSQL Data Modeling in DynamoDB — What a treat! AWS’s Rick Houlihan is well known for his advanced DynamoDB talks and now he’s on the Serverless Chats podcast talking about the use cases for NoSQL, why single table designs are so powerful, ways to model relational data with GSIs, and, of course, a lot more (there’s even a part 2). A must listen for both NoSQL and DynamoDB users.

Serverless Chats podcast

Abused Cloudflare Workers Service Used to Inject Spam? — Any third party services that can manipulate your site’s content before it reaches end clients are potential vectors for malicious actors to add junk to your site. Audit each tool or services that has access to your site and enable 2FA where you can. (Note: This is not a Cloudflare-specific issue, it could happen with any similar service.)

Luke Leal

Using Serverless Framework with Terraform: A Firsthand Experience“After trudging through the Infrastructure as Code trenches for months, we’ve successfully deployed hundreds of API endpoints, Lambda functions, queues, databases, and more. Thankfully, we’re here to show you how it’s all done.”

Joel Barna

An Example of Using Python and AWS Lambda to Send Automated Emails — This is oriented around a very specific use case (sending a daily report via Gmail) but you might find something useful in it.

Indra Teja

Get Storage for Your Python OpenFaaS Functions with MongoDB — Learn how to connect MongoDB to your Python 3 functions when using OpenFaaS.

Alex Ellis

Modern Monitoring for Microservice & Serverless Architectures. Try Free — Run Lambda & container-based apps with speed. Agentless tracing enables 100% visibility into your production in minutes.

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An Experience of Migrating a Rails API to Crystal and AWS Lambda — The two part tale of a developer who’s migrated a microservice from Ruby to Crystal (a very Ruby-esque compiled language). This journey is absolutely not for everyone but stories like this has value.

José Eduardo

L2I: The Lambda Layer Inspector — A tool for looking at AWS Lambda layers by specifying their ARNs.

Michael Hausenblas