#139 — February 21, 2020

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The Serverless Supremacy (or The Fall of the Monolith) — Beware: opinions ahead! Webiny’s CEO Sven Al Hamad responds to a tweet by the creator of Ruby on Rails (best known for building monolithic Ruby webapps) where he refers to the promises of serverless in a negative light.

Sven Al Hamad

▶  Wes Bos Takes a Look at Cloudflare WorkersWorkers is Cloudflare’s ‘run JavaScript code at the edge’ service (though it also supports Rust, C and C++ now). This is a good, practical introduction to a common use case.

Wes Bos

Last Chance: Learn Serverless Swift (Feb 26) — Join IBM developer advocate Marek Sadowski for a deep dive into using the Swift programming language in a Serverless architecture. RSVP for this free online workshop.

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Building a Static 'Serverless' Site using S3 and CloudFront — A developer shares a few pointers based on his experiences.

Sander Knape

Four Ways of Storing Secrets for Serverless Apps on AWSHow do I storeth thee? Let me count the ways.. A quick comparison of things like Lambda environment variables, SSM, and rolling your own with DynamoDB and KMS.

George Mao

AWS Lambda Now Supports Ruby 2.7 — If you’re not a Rubyist, move on, but if you are, you know Ruby 2.7 has quite a few interesting new features, so it’s neat to see Lambda has picked it up just weeks after its release.

Benjamin Smith

Live Talk: Getting Started with Serverless — Upkar Lidder of IBM introduces the key concepts of serverless and practical use cases in this free live demo - taking place today in just a few hours.

Certified Fresh Events

Seven Ways to Do Async Message Processing in AWS — A walkthrough of different options for implementing asynchronous message flows in AWS, including SQS, EventBridge, and Kinesis Data Streams.

Paul Swail

Using AWS Lambda to Create a MongoDB Connection Proxy — While AWS Aurora has the Data API for making queries over HTTP, MongoDB does not, but it’s possible to use AWS Lambda to rig up a similar mechanism with solid results. I suspect this could be replicated for other database systems too.

Adrian Smijulj

Faster CI/CD for All Your Software Projects Using Buildkite — See how Shopify scaled from 300 to 1500 engineers while keeping their build times under 5 minutes.

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How to Create PDFs with PDFKit on AWS Lambda using Layers — PDFKit is a popular tool for manipulating PDFs and you can use it on Lambda with a little work.

Crespo Wang

Micro AWS Lambda: A No Dependency Lambda Library for Node — A library to sit in between the mechanics of AWS Lambda and your functions.

Albert Gao