#137 — February 7, 2020

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The State of Serverless: A Report from Datadog — Cloud monitoring service Datadog has collected together data from "thousands of companies" on their use of serverless technologies and there are a lot of interesting factoids to digest:

  • Almost half of AWS users are using Lambda in some form or another.
  • SQS and DynamoDB are key technologies being used alongside Lambda.
  • Node and Python runtimes dominate among Lambda users.
  • The median Lambda function runs for about 800 milliseconds.
  • And, well, more.


A Comparison of Serverless Function Providers — A set of comparisons between different providers in the FaaS space, mostly driven by features, limits, pricing, and language support.

Brecht DeRooms

Learn Serverless Swift (Feb 26) — Join IBM developer advocate Marek Sadowski for a deep dive into using the Swift programming language in a Serverless architecture. RSVP for this free online workshop.

IBM Developer sponsor

Serverless Inc. Announces 'Serverless CI/CD' — Serverless Inc. has added a continuous integration and deployment service to their Serverless Framework Pro offering.

Maciej Skierkowski

How to Deploy Your Own Serverless Appliance with faasd and cloud-init — Deploy your own faasd-based appliance to DigitalOcean and start deploying containers built for OpenFaaS, but without Kubernetes.

Alex Ellis

A GitHub Actions Workflow to Deploy to Google Cloud using the Serverless Framework — How to set up continuous deployment while keeping your Google Cloud credentials secure.

Núria Soriano

How to Use Cloudflare JavaScript Workers to Deploy a Statically Generated Site

Ernesto Freyre

Making MCVersions Serverless with Cloudflare Workers Sites — A case study on the use of Cloudflare Workers Sites, Wrangler, and GitHub Actions to take a popular Minecraft download site serverless. “Jamstack serverless deploys are awesome!”


Best Practices Guide for Local Prototyping of Serverless Applications

Chase Douglas

🔧 Code and Tools

AWS Chalice: The Python Serverless Microframework for AWS — It’s mature and a popular choice if you want to manage using Python serverlessly on AWS Lambda.

James Saryerwinnie

Fission 1.8: Fast Serverless Functions for Kubernetes — A framework for Kubernetes-native serverless functions. Write short-lived functions in any language, map them to HTTP requests (or other event triggers), and deploy them instantly.


Wrangler: A CLI Tool for Working with Cloudflare Workers


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