#136 — January 31, 2020

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Starting Out with Data Puddles, Then We’ll Think About Data Lakes — Last year we featured a great case study about how Comic Relief, a major British charity, took the journey to 90% serverless. Today we see how they’re re-thinking their data ingestion, storage and query stack with Lambda, S3 & Athena.

Adam Clark

▶  Discussing the Frontlines of Serverless with Yan Cui — Jeremy Daly and Yan Cui, both serverless heroes in their own ways, chat about the adoption of serverless, the current state of frameworks and developer tools, etc. A good catch up of where things are at. It’s an hour long but there’s a transcript too.

Serverless Chats podcast

Video for Serverless: Build Video in Just Two API Calls — Integrating seamlessly into your product's UI, Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy to build beautiful video that streams everywhere.

Mux sponsor

Top Serverless Monitoring Tools and Resources — You’ve got serverless functions.. what’s keeping an eye on them? This is a quick who’s who of the serverless monitoring space including tools like Datadog, CloudWatch, Lumigo and Epsagon, plus links to some open source tools too.

Hayden James

Narrowing The Gap Between Serverless and Its State with Storage Functions — A look at a paper which was a runner-up in the ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing’s “best paper” award. It covers a new implementation of an old idea, that of running end-user compute within a datastore.

Adrian Colyer

Serverless Cloud Computing to Drive Explosive Growth in AI-Based Innovation? — This is a high level, mainstream media piece but the idea is that serverless and ‘no code’ platforms can make innovation affordable and accessible to almost anyone thus increasing the chances of new innovative developments.

Abhishek Pakhira (Forbes)

Testing Node Serverless Applications — AWS Lambda Functions — How to strike the right balance between unit, integration, and end-to-end testing for Node serverless apps.

Darko Milosevic

Deploying Your First Knative Service with the Serverless Framework — Learn how to use the Serverless Framework to deploy your first Knative service on a Kubernetes cluster running in Google Cloud.

Fernando Medina Corey

Could Serverless Architecture Be the Key to Cleaning Up the Enterprise Document Mess? — It feels odd, to me, seeing the term ‘serverless’ shoe-horned into non-developer/operations contexts, but it’s interesting to see how the more business ended people are seeing serverless ideas fit into the problem spaces they’re dealing with.

Soumya Chatterjee (CIO)

Serverless Cost Optimization: Kinesis Streams vs Firehose — Serverless cost efficiency isn’t just about pay-per-use, it’s also about choosing the right service for a particular task.

Uri Parush (Lumigo)

What I Learned From ServerlessDays Belfast 2020 — Some quick bits and pieces from a recent serverless conference.

Paul Swail

▶  Temenos: Building Serverless Banking Software at Scale

Amazon Web Services

Running “Serverless” Containers on AWS Fargate, Google Cloud Run and Azure?“Serverless containers feel like a niche option rather than a potential replacement for Kubernetes. Given the complexity and variety of distributed applications it may be unrealistic to imagine that a “serverless” abstraction can completely remove the operational overheads involved in orchestration.”

Ben Morris. Software Architecture.

SQLite Is Serverless — I sense quite a bit of tongue in cheek here but it’s a cute twist on the many meanings of ‘serverless’ with the more modern definition being called ‘neo-serverless’.


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