#133 — January 10, 2020

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Using AWS Lambda, the CLI Way — An ‘introductory cookbook’ to working with AWS Lambda entirely from the command line using the official AWS CLI tool with no Web consoles in sight!

Sriram Narasimhan

Making S3 More Resilient using Lambda@Edge — Contentful (a popular CMS-as-a-service) had big problems when S3 had an outage back in 2017 so set out to make things more resilient. How? Here’s their story.

Julia Biro

Developer Economics Survey Is Live: Developers, Speak Out & Win Amazing Gear — Speak out about what you’re best at and tell us about the type of development projects you're working on. In return, you'll be entered into a prize draw. You’ll get a complimentary report & graphs comparing your skills to the global average included.

Developer Economics Survey sponsor

Building Serverless Workflows with AWS Step Functions — The author explains it best: “Our learnings from building a serverless workflow to automate our DB syncing process using AWS Step Functions. Dive deep with code examples and SAM templates to go from zero to fully automated workflows.”

Mark Carrington

▶  The Serverless Chats Podcast Reflects on the Best of 2019 — A special 50 minute episode of the popular serverless podcast looking back at all the episodes from 2019 and their favorite moments.

Serverless Chats podcast

Amazon SES Now Lets You Use Your Existing IP Address Ranges to Send EmailSimple Email Service is AWS’s system for sending email en masse, and now you can bring your own IP addresses into the system for sending which could be very handy if you’ve built up a good reputation with them.

Amazon Web Services

Serverless Environment Variables: A Comprehensive Guide — With a particular focus on Node and Serverless Framework users.

Adam DeLong

Free Webinar – Practical Introduction to Serverless for Everyone — The Software House's devs continue their successful series of free webinars with serverless architecture, sign up today.


Handling Webhooks with EventBridge, SAM and SAR — A serverless application for handling webhooks using the EventBridge event bus, API Gateway’s HTTP API and a Lambda function.

Slobodan Stojanović

▶  How AWS Lambda Became What It Is Today — A 30 minute chat with two New Relic engineers.

The New Stack podcast

Writing Lambda Functions in Rust — A basic, easily understood example.

Rico Beti

How to Create PDFs using Chrome and Puppeteer on AWS Lambda

Crespo Wang

Chromda: An AWS Lambda Function for Capturing Screenshots of Websites — You can pass in the URLs to capture via an SNS topic, SQS queue, scheduled event or over HTTP.

Luis Farzati

S3 Email: A Serverless Email Server on AWS using S3 and SES — Basically AWS SES accepts email in via SMTP then pipes it through a Lambda function for storage on S3.

0x4447, LLC.

amazonlinux-swift: Scripts and Dockerfiles to Build Swift on Amazon Linux — Including a Swift layer to run natively on AWS Lambda.

Fabian Fett