#134 — January 17, 2020

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DVSA: A 'Damn Vulnerable' Serverless Application — A ‘deliberately vulnerable’ app that acts as an aid for anyone who wants to test their serverless security skills in a safe, legal way.

Tal Melamed

Deploying Side Projects for Basically Nothing on Google Cloud Run — One developer’s love letter to Google’s Cloud Run service which provides a fully managed serverless container deployment system.

Alex Olivier

On-Demand Webinar: How to Prepare Your Data Pipeline for Machine Learning and AI — Training-based session on transforming your data to power machine learning and AI projects. Use AWS Data Pipeline to automate data movement and transformation and explore software solutions in AWS Marketplace that make your data analytics-ready.

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Fargate vs Lambda — A comparison of AWS’s serverless compute options on cost, performance, and ease of use.

Jeff Carter (Trek10)

Epsagon Raises $16M Series A to Monitor Modern Development Environments — You may be familiar with Epsagon for their serverless monitoring services, but they’ve been expanding into other areas, such as tracing and metrics for Kubernetes workloads and AWS AppSync.


How to Build a Complete Serverless Back End System — A complete start-to-end walkthrough at building an AWS Lambda powered backend complete with using S3 for storage and DynamoDB as a database. Aimed at those who haven’t gone through the process before.

Sam Williams

How to Optimize AWS Lambda Performance — A variety of tips for optimizing AWS Lambda function performance.

Efi Merdler-Kravitz

Chaining Together Lambdas: Exploring Different Ways to Link Serverless Functions Together

Matthew Bryant

Getting Started with the AWS Serverless Application Repository (SAR) — SAR offers an ecosystem that lets you connect with customers and developers globally and publish serverless applications.

Jack Naglieri and Kartikey Pandey

Gain Full Visibility into Your Serverless Functions with Datadog — Providing a single pane of glass for understanding the performance, usage, and potential bottlenecks of your serverless functions. Try today for free.

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Lessons Learned From Updating a 'Legacy' Serverless App — It’s easy to forget that AWS Lambda is now over 5 years old, so there are potentially some pretty crufty functions around out there. I think we’ll see more stories like this in the coming years.

Mahdi Azarboon

Discussing Voice Automation with Serverless with Aleksandar Simovic — The latest episode of Serverless Chats digs into the Alexa and Siri-esque world of voice interface technology and how serverless is a natural fit.

Serverless Chats

Using AI to Detect Product Defects with AWS Step Functions — A practical example of stringing together several AWS services to create a fully managed quality control automation solution using Amazon SageMaker to train and deploy an image classification model endpoint.

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