#131 — Decemeber 13th, 2019

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▶  Performing Chaos Engineering in a Serverless World — AWS re:Invent videos rarely disappoint, so it’s great to see them starting to come out from this year’s event. This 45 minute talk covers the why and how of chaos engineering in the serverless context, along with a live demo.

Gunnar Grosch

Atlassian Unveils Forge, Its New Serverless Cloud Development Platform — Atlassian is a big figure in the developer tools space and now it also has a development platform of its own in the shape of Forge (which now has a waiting list). It’s based around AWS Lambda but with lots of Atlassian specific tooling on top.


Sell Your API to Millions of Developers with One Integration — Manifold helps API-first products distribute their services on the fastest growing cloud platforms.

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Azure Functions 3.0 'Go-Live' Release Now Available — You can now build and deploy 3.0 functions in production. However, a lot of the tooling and behind the scenes optimizations are yet to be fully ready, so Functions 3.0 won’t be the default for new apps until next month.

Microsoft Azure

Nodeless OpenFaaS with AWS EKS and Fargate — Learn how to apply AWS EKS, Fargate and OpenFaaS for ‘the most serverless experience ever seen on Kubernetes.’

Alex Ellis

Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate Now Generally Available — You can now use Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service to run Kubernetes pods on AWS Fargate (essentially AWS’s ‘serverless containers’ system).

Martin Beeby (AWS)

AWS Fargate Spot: Serverless Containers.. When They're Cheap To Run — Fargate lets you run containers under a ‘serverless’-style model, and Fargate Spot takes things a step further by offering up to a 70% discount by running on spare capacity (a la EC2 ‘spot instances’). Your tasks better be tolerant of interruptions, however.

Amazon Web Services

Shave 99.93% Off Your Lambda Bill with 'One Weird Trick' — It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s certainly interesting. The author does disclaim that “this is an FYI, to explore some aspects of Lambda that you may be unaware of. It is not something I’ll be releasing code for. You’ll see why.”

Michael Hart

Save 40% Off Your Manning Order — Take your skills to the next level with our great range of titles. Use code sersta40 to get a discount off your entire order.

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Provisioned Concurrency - The End of Cold Starts — Last week we covered the news about AWS Lambda getting a ‘provisioned concurrency’ option to get rid of ‘cold starts’, but here Yan Cui takes a deeper dive into the new feature.

Yan Cui

Browser Functions: A New Serverless Platform using Web Browser Execution Engines? — Given that the environment provided by a modern Web browser is now a pretty stable and powerful thing, why not use the same environment on the backend? IBM Research has been experimenting with this idea.

Richard Young (IBM)

Serverless Containers with Google Cloud Run — If you’re sick of hearing about AWS Fargate by now, this might be just the tonic.

Mikkel Dan-Rognlie

▶  Where Does Serverless Fit in 'Cloud Native'? — Microsoft’s Jeff Hollan and Shayne Boyer talk about how to think about serverless within the context of building on the cloud.

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