#130 — Decemeber 6th, 2019

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Since re:Invent 2019 has been taking place this week, expect this to be an Amazon-heavy issue 😄 Normal service will resume in due course..

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AWS Unveils 'Provisioned Concurrency' for Lambda Functions — If you want to wave goodbye to ‘cold starts’ with AWS Lambda and you’re happy to pay a small hourly fee for the pleasure, now you can do just that! Provisioned Concurrency will keep functions intialized and ‘hyper-ready’ to respond.

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

Amazon Launches a Managed Apache Cassandra Service (MCS) — Cassandra is a powerful system for working with large amounts of structured data but can be tricky to maintain and manage ops-wise at scale. Enter AWS. It’s serverless-style pay-as-you-go pricing too which is neat. It’s only in 5 regions for now, but can be trialed at a low scale under the ‘free tier’ for three months.

Amazon Web Services

Dev Tutorial: How to Build APIs Your Users Love — Learn about common pitfalls and gotchas when designing an API. Plus, hear about how Mux uses an OpenAPI driven toolchain to accelerate product development.

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All The Serverless Announcements at Re:Invent 2019 — AWS’s re:Invent conference has been taking place this week, so naturally there are a lot of announcements. We’ve linked one of the biggest for AWS Lambda above, but Serverless Inc have been keeping an eye on the rest.

Gareth McCumskey

New: AWS Step Functions Express Workflows — AWS Step Functions is heavily used for building multi-step workflows in the cloud, now Express Workflows have entered the picture and provide an option specifically for ‘high-volume, short-duration use cases’.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

25 Days of Serverless — Each day in December (up until Xmas Day) brings a new problem to solve using serverless technology.

Azure Cloud Advocates

Introducing the HTMLRewriter API to Cloudflare Workers

The Cloudflare Blog

▶  AWS SNS Vs SQS? Whats The Difference? — A concrete, practical example of why you might use AWS’s Simple Notification Service (SNS) versus their Simple Queue Service (SQS).. something that even Amazon doesn’t tend to explain too well.

AWS Simplified

Using Amazon RDS Proxy with AWS Lambda — RDS Proxy acts as an intermediary between your functions and an RDS database and should help things scale over time as a new database connection won’t be needed for every single function invocation.

Amazon Web Services

BDD Vs Executable Specifications

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Using the Instagram Feed API from Netlify Functions

Cristian Echeverria

Optimizing First-Frame Bitrate for HLS with Edge Compute — A look at how video developers might use serverless scripts to identify available bandwidth and device type to respond with the most relevant, highest-performing live stream.

Ammar Alzaatreh

Faster Cloudfront Log Queries using AWS Athena and Serverless — How a Python-based Lambda function was used to partition Cloudfront logs so they could be queried 13x faster with AWS Athena.

Ben Hoyt

Sparta: A Framework for Go-Powered Serverless Microservices — Transforms Go programs into self-deploying AWS Lambda-based serverless services. See the overview for how it operates.

Matt Weagle