#127 — November 15, 2019

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Google Cloud Run Now Generally Available — Cloud Run is a serverless compute platform for running stateless HTTP-driven containers (as opposed to Cloud Functions’ purely function-based approach). It’s based on Knative and is available on GCP and for Anthos.

Google Cloud

AWS Lambda is 5 Years Old, Here's What Hacker News Thought — There hasn't been any official celebration of this that I can tell, but I had it in my calendar (yes, I'm sad!) and it's neat reflecting on what people thought of Lambda on its release. We've come so far.

Hacker News

Add Your API to the Fastest Growing Developer Communities — Sell your managed services to millions of developers with one simple integration.

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Durable Functions 2.0 Now Available on Azure Functions — Durable entities brings an actor-like programming model to Azure Functions that provides the ability to build highly concurrent, stateful, serverless applications.


▶  Discussing Running Serverless Containers on Google Cloud Run — Jeremy Daly chats with Google’s Bret McGowen about how Cloud Run (newly GA!) makes containers ‘serverless’ and what the future of serverless looks like at Google Cloud.

Serverless Chats podcast

Tencent Cloud and Serverless Inc Join Forces to Bring the Serverless Movement to China — Tencent becomes a Premier Cloud Provider of the Serverless Framework.

Bill Fine (Serverless Inc.)

Building a Serverless 'Weather Bot' with Two-Way SMS, AWS SAM, and AWS Lambda — Sending SMS text messages with Amazon SNS is easy, but did you know messages can go both ways? There’s quite a few moving pieces on show here but the end result is pretty neat with the technique easily applicable to other use cases.

James Beswick

How to Publish Your App and Not Your Source Code — This is an interesting (if sneaky) ‘trick’. Some hosting platforms let you host functions for free but demand your code is publicly available. A workaround? Encrypt your code and store the key in a secret. We’ll let you judge how viable this is long term(!)

Ilya Kaminsky

Convert Radio Waves to Alerts using SDR, AWS Lambda and Amazon Transcribe — The basic approach of transforming voice (received over the air via a software-defined radio system) to data and alerts using AWS and Opsgenie.

Fahri Yardımcı

.NET Core 3.0 AWS Lambda Benchmarks and Recommendations — .NET Core 3.0 has been out of preview for about a month now. Here are some up to date benchmarks and recommendations.

Zac Charles

How To Get AWS Lambda Logs Into CloudWatch — Getting your Lambda log entries into CloudWatch can help with analysis and evaluation later.

Lou Bichard

The SaaS CTO Security Checklist — Learn all of the latest best practices for SaaS CTOs and technical leaders around leveling up your company’s security.

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Architecting a Low-Cost Web Content Publishing System — A quick case study of how a university built a low maintenance CMS from the outside in.


Localstack: A Fully Functional Local AWS Cloud Stack — Yet another way to develop and test your cloud and serverless apps offline :-)